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All NITs GATE 2013 Cutoffs Online Tool

Once CCMT came into existence 2011 not all NITs were part of it. Its really in the year 2012 almost all NITs came together for M.Tech admissions, but is really all NITs in 2013 came along with other top institutes for M.Tech admissions.

Its been easy to collect all cutoff data but on the same time, it became much more difficult for students encode the list. It also became clear for the first time that how can one switch between the departments and what are the cutoffs in each NIT for interdisciplinary courses.

Do have a look at the following tool to understand cutoffs and all departments you can apply for with your score in a specific stream. The data also cover all the rounds.

NIT Cutoff and College Predictor

Apart from the tool we have some cutoff of the departments to help you.

NIT GATE Cutoff 2013 Computer Science

Institute Course Score Group
NIT Warangal – (WL) Computer Science & Engineering – (XG) 735 G1
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) Computer Science – (XS) 731 G1
NIT Surathkal – (SR) Computer Science & Engineering – (XG) 720 G1
NIT Warangal – (WL) Information Security – (IS) 712 G1
NIT Allahabad – (AL) Computer Science & Engineering – (XG) 707 G1

NIT GATE Cutoff 2013 Electronic and Communication

Institute Programme Score Group
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) VLSI Systems – (VY) 720 G1
NIT Warangal – (WL) VLSI Systems Design – (VD) 717 G1
NIT Surathkal – (SR) VLSI Design – (VN) 705 G1
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) VLSI Systems – (VY) 693 G2
NIT Calicut – (CL) Microelectronics & VLSI Design – (MG) 686 G1

NIT GATE Cutoff 2013 Electrical Engineering

Institute Programme Score Group
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) Power Electronics – (PE) 684 G1
NIT Warangal – (WL) Power Electronics & Drives – (PD) 657 G1
NIT Tiruchirapalli – (TY) Power System – (PO) 654 G1
NIT Warangal – (WL) Power System Engineering – (PS) 647 G1
NIT Surathkal – (SR) Power & Energy Systems – (PX) 637 G1

For more details on GATE cutoffs of NITs and IIITs please do visit the GATE cutoff score and college predictor given above.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.

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