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Am I Really Suitable For Doing PhD?

This is just the right question to be asked to self before making a decision to go for PhD. Being eligible is entirely different from being suitable. There two different questions one need to ask oneself before making a decision about PhD. The first one is am I suitable for PhD and the next question is when the right to start it?

As I said in previous post (what is phd) about my plan for doing PhD was very clear from B.Tech and I also mentioned about my motivations for that. After years, when I sit and see what and when to start PhD and whether I was suitable or what could have been done to improve my research contributions? I feel there was definitely a great scope of improvement. To share with you, in 2006 I was awarded, IBM outstanding researcher award.

Doing PhD is not like M.Tech or MS, because of the time it takes and future prospects after it. It’s kind of bet on career when you are not sure if you are suitable for it. IF you think you are suitable then what is the right time to start.

I feel any student who has a desire to learn limitless and improve. Anyone who even not best in classes ever but have the passion to learn and even refer back to books that we read years before is perfectly suitable for PhD. Here I am not talking about people register in PhD just for formality or having a degree and a Dr. before their name. This about the students and learners who really want to do something in their areas or at least ready to give a sincere effort to learn what they could not do in past.

What is a suitable time to start PhD?, this a million dollar question. The answer for this is when you feel you have enough work experience to contribute to scientific development. This you will realize after working few years in industry. There are gaps in technology that are limiting the growth or technology and industry is not giving you enough time to address them. This is the best time to give it a try. Another indication is you want to learn and had not being perfect in basics and it’s time to catch up. There can be many other factors like promotions and in govt. and academia. But later cases are usually lead to a name sake PhDs and cannot make best out of it.

If you are really looking for a change and take a challenge with little risk, though i never felt it as a risk, PhD is best for you. Just keep the best work going, be honest and give an excellent contribution to research. Though you will never feel satisfied about research in PhD because it’s just a beginning of a long and sincere effort and you decided to choose it. For me finding a job was all secondary I never thought about it until got out of IIT. I took a descent break of 3 months after PhD working different parts of India.

Take time to take a call for PhD, but once decided just jump and enjoy every bit of it. Life it do amazing things. Be prepared for it and be honest about your desires and passions. Things would follow, awards, jobs, career will come to you on the way. Don’t ever worry about it. Best is to give your best and take a call at best suitable time.

Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Shailendra Pathak

    this is a good website for knowledge.

    Thanks & Regards!

    Shailendra Pathak

  2. sourav


    i got selected in joint mtech phd in CSDP(comp science and data processing) at IITKGP. I want to know the future prospect of this course. i m little bit shakey about joining it . Please help me providing some infos asap. mail id: [email protected]

  3. dibya

    I am in final year from ECE. I want to do work in research field. Can you tell me if joint is better or after doing we have to get some experience in teaching line then to do phd. And what is the scope of doing Phd i.e whether all PhD students are able to be in professor post or some of them sit idle(jobless) after doing phd.

  4. Manas

    I am currently pursuing masters in CS in IIT H. I have a query.
    I secured admission based on my GATE – 2012 score card. Since its validity is 2 years, is it possible 2 use the same score card again for securing admission to a PhD programme in NUS ?

    Please let me know. Thanks.


    Assalamo alaikum , Zahid bhai
    Getting benefits from ur site since last couple of years , Jazakallah hu khairan.
    I did my BTech in ECE from a govt college at delhi and m doing M.Tech(by research ) in nanotechnology at NIT Surathkal( in Metallurgical department) , but I m not at all satisfied , I miss all electronics circuits and electronics subjects. I am determined to be a professor , so I want to do PhD but I M confused whether I should to my PhD in areas of nanotechnology or ECE and whether it is necessary that one should have Mtech in ECE for Phd in ECE . Plz suggest me ,
    I will be very thankful to u , if u send me the response on my email abs[email protected]

  6. Prashant


    I would like to know how does one select a topic for research for PhD? Does any senior faculty suggest or we got to find it ourselves?


    hello zahid sir,
    i want to know about scholarship in ph.d…
    do student have to take the classes of the juniors…

  8. Bhargav

    Hi Amit,

    Can you provide your email ID on [email protected] so we can exchange our informations….

  9. amit

    Hi sir,

    Now I am doing my 2nd year in M.Tech (mechanical) from N.I.T.,Patna. I am interested in research work… so I want to do Ph.D. on MEMS..

    Sir, Can you suggest how can I start for finding good college(IIT)…and what are the entrances exam for that..?

    I had cracked gate at 2011and 2012 also so , I will join Ph.D. in 2013 so, for getting stipend is it necessary for me to crack gate again…?

    I sincerely expecting reply from you waiting for answer……

  10. Bhargav

    Hi sir,

    Now I am doing my 2nd year in M.Tech. I am interested in research work… so I want to do Ph.D. on MEMS..

    Sir, Can you suggest how can I start for finding good college…and what are the entrances exam for that..?

    I had cracked gate at 2011 so , I will join Ph.D. in 2013 so, for getting stipend is it necessary for me to crack gate again…?

    I sincerely expecting reply from you waiting for answer………

    1. ashish soni

      for phd stiphend gate score not required

  11. Rishav

    Hello, Thats nicely said…. I could not but say this… some people say that you will only end up as a lecturer after PhD.. like there are very few chances to work in corporate sector if you go for PhD.
    Though its not exactly correct… but still it is not true that one guy, if going for Job after M.Tech rather than PhD… and may be a MBA after a couple of years will end up as pretty high level than the guy who do PhD and come to the Corporate.
    I mean who are not sure if to do MBA or not in their life… does it sound crazy if one want to go for MBA after PhD in Computer field…???

    1. chandrakant

      The main problem with us is to compare study with well paid job!!! Phd is for those who are inquisitive and have appetite for learning new things. They explore the existing systems with new ideas. Phd in engineering is a framework for new technologies and MBA is how to sell that technology. Choice is yours…

  12. Mahesh

    I would like to ask whether having a good GATE score helps in getting admission to Ph.D in good universities. Thank you.

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