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Number of Candidates Appeared in GATE 2016

We are living in competitive world and GATE one of the most competitive exams, where few fields of engineering have over hundred thousand students taking up this exam. There are multiple factors for it. The first one is that many students are not satisfied with their level of knowledge at Engineering level. Second important motivation is PSUs offering jobs based on performance in GATE exam.

Overall, a million student appear for GATE exam each year. Don’t be stunned by the numbers, may be your field of engineering have may have less competition. I feel the important thing is to focus on your own preparation and compete with the highest marks. This will help you stay calm during preparation and perform better in exam. We also made an important tool called GATE Score Calculator for accurately given expected marks in different years.

GATE Score Calculator

In GATE 2016 Mechanical Engineering saw highest number of students appearing followed by Electronics and computer science. Just to avoid curiosity and save your time I prepared a list of students appeared in GATE 2016 in each stream.

Paper Paper Code Number of Candidates Applied Candidates Appeared Percentage Appeared
Aerospace Engineering AE 4418 3770 85.33
Agricultural Engineering AG 1595 1424 89.28
Architecture and Planning AR 6806 5812 85.40
Biotechnology BT 11161 9124 81.75
Civil Engineering CE 138147 119873 86.77
Chemical Engineering CH 18642 15495 83.12
Computer Science and Information Technology CS 131803 108495 82.32
Chemistry CY 18434 14966 81.19
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 183152 152318 83.16
Electrical Engineering EE 146293 125859 86.03
Ecology and Evolution EY 981 727 74.11
Geology and Geophysics GG 6864 5776 84.15
Instrumentation Engineering IN 18045 14804 82.04
Mathematics MA 7917 6305 79.64
Mechanical Engineering ME 234727 197789 84.26
Mining Engineering MN 2753 2230 81.00
Metallurgical Engineering MT 4475 3691 82.48
Petroleum Engineering PE 2774 2326 83.85
Physics PH 12243 9910 80.94
Production and Industrial Engineering PI 4131 3378 81.77
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF 1587 1406 88.59
Engineering Sciences XE 3722 3074 82.59
Life Sciences XL 12791 10298 80.51

This information is shared with you to motivate you for seriousness of GATE preparation. If this looks scary please look at the qualifying marks and highest marks that will encourage you to the higher levels.

Hope you find this information useful. For more details on GATE preparations please go through GATE page or GATE menu in navigation or check out GATE Stats category. For more updates on GATE and related topics Please subscribe to InI by mail, like us on FB and follow us on Google plus. Yes don’t feel shy to share this with your friends : )

Wish you all a great luck ahead.

Number of Candidates Appeared in GATE 2016 this information is also used for calculating GATE Score.


  1. kundan

    hi i am in search of students data of civil engineers who has appeared for GATE examination in 2019.

  2. Manjusri Barik

    Can a statistic student apply gate?

  3. Shivankee sahu

    what was the cutoff for gg in 2016.

  4. Hemant lahare

    I need to more information about gate…pls help me


    Can a geophysics student appear Gate through physics?

  6. K.Avinash Rai

    Pl.give breakup of OBCs appeared in civil engineering 2016

  7. Sarthak

    Only 22 subjects given here. “Petroleum Engineering” data is not presented.
    The total of 22 subjects given here is 970687, which is more than the number of appeared candidates shown on GATE official website (818850).

    Are these numbers of “appeared” candidates, or numbers of “registered” candidates?

    What is the source of this information?

  8. Neha

    The number of candidate appeared shown here for ECE branch is wrong as my gate 2016 score card for this paper says the number of candidates appeared is 152318.

  9. Vijay

    What is the source of this information? I can not find it on the GATE 2016 official website.

  10. Krishna Kanth Yenumula

    Number of candidates appeared for GATE 2016 for EC paper are 152318.
    I just downloaded my score card. It is mentioned in my score card.

  11. krishna

    can i know marks vs rank analysis for gate 2016 mechanical

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