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Total Number of Students Appeared In GATE 2014

GATE is one of the most competitive exams for engineering across the globe. The number of student s appear in each stream sometime cross hundred thousand. Few students spend one complete dedicated year to knock doors of IITs for master degree in engineering. By knowing that someone usually will become more curious to know about how many students appear for their stream of engineering.

Overall, a million student appear for GATE exam each year. Don’t be stunned by the numbers, may be your field of engineering have may have less competition. I feel the important thing is to focus on your own preparation and compete with the highest marks. This will help you stay calm during preparation and perform better in exam.

Just to avoid curiosity and save your time I prepared a list of students appeared in GATE 2014 in each stream.

Gate Paper Gate Paper Code No. of Candidates appeared
Aerospace Engineering AE 4559
Agricultural Engineering AG 1168
Architecture And Planning AR 33087
Biotechnology BT 10719
Civil Engineering CE 90872
Chemical Engineering CH 15844
Computer Science and Information Technology CS 155190
Chemistry CY 7932
Electronics and Communication Engineering EC 216367
Electrical Engineering EE 141799
Ecology and Evolution EY 652
Ecology and Geophysics GG 2659
Instrumentation Engineering IN 22367
Mathematics MA 3840
Mechanical Engineering ME 185578
Mining Engineering MN 1140
Metallurgical Engineering MT 3586
Physics PH 6132
Production and Industrial Engineering PI 3316
Textile Engineering and Fibre Science TF 1290
Engineering Sciences XE 2532
Life sciences XL 8527

This information is shared with you to motivate you for seriousness of GATE preparation. If this looks scary please look at the qualifying marks and highest marks that will encourage you to the higher levels.

Hope you find this information useful. For more details on GATE preparations please go through GATE page or GATE menu in navigation or check out GATE Stats category. For more updates on GATE and related topics Please subscribe to InI by mail, like us on FB and follow us on Google plus. Yes dont feel shy to share this with your friends : )

Wish you all a great luck ahead.

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  1. Imran Tamboli

    Dear Zahid Sir,

    I am working as Assistant Professor in Computer science and Engineering department in one of the engineering college in Maharashtra.

    I want to pursue Ph.D in reputed institute like IITs and NITs.
    Like so many Ph.D aspirant, I am one of them with so much confusion and less knowledge about the how to crack GATE 2016 ?

    What should I do ?
    What are NITs procedure for Ph.D in CSE ?
    Which is best NIT ?
    Please give me the guidelines.

    Imran Iqbal Tamboli

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