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ALL IITs GATE Cutoff 2015

All IITs GATE cutoff 2015 data is finally here. We have been collecting GATE cutoff information from all IITs for last couple of months. Sometime we had to write multiple letters to them and sometime they did not return the information we have been looking for.

After some communication we finally have almost all the data we were looking for. But instead of just making simple posts or sharing pics of the cutoff data we decided to dig it further for more information. And finally we are excited to share this whole information in the form of a cutoff tool. Please check the blow link for all cutoffs in the year 2015 for admission into all IITs. By cutoff we mean last admitted score in various categories.

IIT GATE Cutoff Tool

The following IIT data collected from IITs for making the above tool.

IIT Bombay GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs) (Last score admitted to M.Tech courses)
IIT Delhi GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Kharagpur GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Madras GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Guwahati GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Roorkee GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Kanpur GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT BHU GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Hyderabad GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Ropar GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Indore GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Mandi GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)
IIT Patna GATE Cutoff 2015 (Official cutoffs)

The biggest advantage of the tool is you can know all the courses you are eligible to apply in IITs in various departments without limiting to your core department. IITs offer a lot of interdisciplinary courses that usually take students from different departments, where you can get admission if you have an idea about them. Most of the student don’t know about interdisciplinary courses and think that they lost the dream called IITs when they see a less score.

To make this tool we did a lot of effort yearlong reading all admission brochures of all IITs writing letters multiple times to get cutoffs from all IITs and then compiling them to get bring most important information for all students.

We gave our best efforts for this and hope this bring all new possibilities for you. In case you find any issue or some information is not accurate please let us know. We will verify and update with official information to make this is most accurate and up-to-date.

In coming data we will update All IITs GATE cutoffs for the year 2014 and 2013. To be updated please subscribe it InI, like us on FB and follow us google plus. Do follow all M.Tech admissions 2016 at M.Tech admissions 2016. Do join M.Tech Admissions Facebook group for all updates on M.Tech admissions and discussions.

Wish you all great luck ahead.


  1. sailaja

    what will be the cutoff marks for gate physics 2016

  2. U

    there are some entries with score 0 and showing IIT B

    1. Zahid

      Yes Please read description on the tool what does it mean by zero.

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