GATE 2021 IIT Bombay Announcement

GATE 2021 Announcement is made on Facebook by the IITB Director account ( Still waiting for the official website to announce these in further detail. The important points from the release are as follows.

GATE 2021 Important Announcements

  1. IIT Bombay is announced to be an official GATE 2021 organizing institute. For all other lists of all previous GATE organizing institutes do check the years list of GATE organizing institutes.
  2. GATE 2021 exam will be conducted on Feb 5,6,7 and 12, 13, 14 in 2021. Details are awaited on the official GATE 2021 website. We will update the as soon as the dates are announced.
  3. Two new GATE papers Environmental Science and Engineering (ES) and Humanities and Social Science (XH) will be conducted in GATE 2021. The total number of GATE 2021 papers will be 27.
  4. A candidate can appear in two GATE papers, from a given set of paper combinations (official list awaited).
  5. Third-year students are once again made eligible for GATE 2021. (further details awaited)

We are still waiting for full details to be updated on the official website. Meanwhile, you can read some important things related to GATE 2021 preparation at GATE preparation guide.

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