GATE 2012 Admit Card, Stay Patient You Will Get It

Dear all, many of us having issues in checking the GATE 2012 admit cards. I wrote very clearly in in GATE 2012 Admit Card From 05.01.2012 post that it might take time and one need to stay patient.

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Shashank in a comment to earlier post said that he called IISc GATE office and they confirmed the delay in online admit cards. But now I see few readers gave comments saying that the admit cards are available through IISc gate site. Thanks Shashank for sharing the information.

What I recommend you all to stay patient till Monday, you will get the admit card. Just donโ€™t worry about it much. If you still donโ€™t get it you can definitely call the gate zonal office where submitted your application form and ask for clarifications.

If you forgot the application number or missed your details or changed your address you need to contact the zonal office too. There is no other way around to get the admit card.

One piece of advice to all friends is that stay patient and check the admit cards till Tuesday you all will get that.

Take care and study well for exams. Wish you all a great luck with exams. I am much better now in health and thank a million for all your prayers.

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  1. pavankumar

    please give me the iit kargpur gate zone phone number.i forgot my aplication number please sir help me

  2. puneet kapoor

    i have lost my application number, how can i download my admit card. i had submitted my application through Roorkee zone.

  3. Mounika

    Sir i didn’t recieved my admit card please check my app no:6077255 iitk

  4. Nayanika

    Can someone giving GATE EC paper apply for ME in AE in IISc Bangalore? Please I need this information urgently.

  5. Shankey Poddar

    Please follow this link to get your admit card.(for Bombay zone)

    Google GATE2012 ADMIT CARD and follow the link you get.

    The original link has some bug

  6. bhavin

    ya i received it i downloaded on Saturday
    thanks a lot for your guidance.

  7. shivadas

    sir i dint get my gate admit card till now please check
    my details this is my application no 1100473

  8. rohit

    i got my admit card juust now…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Ankitkumar Chheda

    Does any one from IITB zone downloaded ADMIT CARD??

  10. Raghvendra

    Ya I too downloaded.

  11. Prashil

    Hi friend
    unfortunately I didn’t maintain the document which were having my application no
    will you plz suggest what shd I do
    IIT Bombay gate office phone is allways busy
    Did they had send appl no by mail to us
    I check it out in my inbox but I didn’t found it
    Hopping for Your Help


  12. bakeel khan

    thnx a lot Zahid bhai for your help and suggestions to all students and you are good in health now.. it is also very good news…
    may allah bless you with all the things u want…

  13. Ravi Agrawal

    Admit Card of GATE2012 can only downloadable from the website of your respective IIT in which you filled(Post) the Application form.
    To Do above links of different IIT website is on HOME page where you can navigate to your IIT zone.

  14. Ravi Agrawal

    Admit Card of GATE2011 can only downloadable from the website of your respective IIT in which you filled(Post) the Application form.
    To Do above links of different IIT website is on HOME page where you can navigate to your IIT zone.

  15. Nivedita Singh

    i have downloaded………….thanxx fr sharing d information,………. ๐Ÿ™‚


    I’ve downloaded my admit card nice to hear that u’r recovering take care friend

  17. sangameshwara

    its available now:)

  18. prabha shankar

    i have downloaded it…… ppl who did not find their admit card should be patient . one thing i want to ask is have you ppl checked your application status on corresponding websites?

  19. sarfaraz

    i have downloaded..

    1. Ankitkumar Chheda

      Which Zone you belong from?

  20. Kalyan

    Yeah Zahid bhai,everything is Fine with the Zonal websites now and great to hear that you are recovering ๐Ÿ™‚

  21. Jillbill

    plz suggest study material required for preparing GATE 13 electronics and communication engg.
    I mean which books should I refer..?
    With best regards..

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