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      1. Hey everyone,
        Thermodynamics seems to be important subject for GATE.
        Can anyone suggest a good book for that? share ebook if anyone can.

        All the best for GATE ’12 guys.

      1. i think the best basic book is P.K. Nag. any others?

      1. i want any video tutorial for gate exam …. mechanical
        pls. someone provide me…
        mathematics firstly..because i forgot all maths..

      1. Hey rahuldude
        check out NPTEL at
        Hope you can find your stuff…

      1. pk nag is the best….but the language is difficult

      1. hi….this is biswa 3rd year dream were ruined in the last minute when they declared only final year students can apply gate..leave it, i have a question: last year total number of candidates for mech was nearly 80k. now that only final and pass out can appear, what do you think the number of candidates should stand…. ?

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        For video lectures I think you can visit and check many other resources too

        GATE Video Lectures and Video Tutorials

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        Can someone post the average marks subjectwise in Mechanical. Someone posted nice information in Electrical Engineering
        Information like this for Mech would be great..

      1. hey biswa,
        i understand excluding 3rd year is hard hit. anyways in 2010 there were 60000 candidates n in 2011 there were 80000. knowing about server jam n all we could expect somewhere above 125000 this time.

      1. can anyone suggest me what are the minimum marks required to crack the iit (out of 100)

      1. thermodynamics-P K naag
        new edition has some extra solved questions. I’ve heard GATE questions comes from the question bank only

        @Nitin marks vary each year you must bring above 60. Or 99+ percentile.

        Guys i have a major issue i don’t have 60 percent aggregate in Engineering being in Pune university. That makes me out from most good of IITs and NITs.

        I will request everybody to please do suggest me good IIT, NIT, private college with good placement with only 55 percent criteria. I am OBC though it doesn’t help.

        Please let me know.

      1. Ritesh Das

        hello prathamesh…carry on with ur preparation because 60% isnt a big deal..if u dont have 60 then u can still apply in iit chennai…nits like surat(50 % eligibility)…and there are various other colleges…so good luck man!!!…

      1. Ritesh Das

        all the other iits have 60%…!! so dont worry u still have some nits lined up for u..

      1. @sumeet: i think the number should decrease as the prefinal year students are barred.

      1. @inspire and ignite: it depends on the guy or team whp prepares the question set…anyways subjectwise strength of materials, mathametics, manufacturing technology has big share among them.

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        Lets start new threads to ask question by which we can avoid addressing friends using @.

      1. hey..production is quite an ocean..suggest a book from which numericals could be practised,especially the conventionals with a hint of application level added onto it..

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        Arjun Please start a new thread bro.

      1. @arjun: it’ll be good to start with independent topics like merchant circle and then if time permits, go for large theory and complex subjects like phase diagrams.
        in mfg portion, Quantitative Techniques in Management(OR) is very precise. you could cover half portion of this section(OR-Production Planning-Inventory Management) by any book of Operations Research

      1. @Ritesh Das
        thanks a lot man, i would deeply appreciate if you can let me know All colleges i can apply, i tried a lot of sites and forums but still feel helpless.

      1. Ritesh Das

        dude all that u should try to find out later…concentrate on gate now for the time being!!!

      1. I wants to request to InI community to start a new single thread for “Engineering Mathematics” & “General Aptitude” sections.
        Reasons for that are:-
        1)These subjects are common for almost all disciplines.
        2)Mathematics & Apti sections are frequently neglected by students.
        3)New thread will give these topics more scope & versatility.
        4)These are the sections where we can improve our GATE score.

      1. I like to give ALL THE BEST LUCK to all Mechanical Engineers who are seeking GATE-2012 🙂

        Don’t get confused just try to follow your plan.

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