1. Hello EE’S,
        Discuss Any Questions & Queries related to Electrical Engineering for Gate.

      1. Gate papers from 2007 to 2011


      1. Saquib Nawaz

        i dont think there is the solution thing along with it.you can always download it from sites like gateforum.

      1. AVERAGE Marks for each subject
        Power systems- 10–12
        Control Systems- 8–10
        Electric Machines- 9–11
        Electric Measurements- 5– 6
        Signal & system- 5– 7
        Electric Circuit & fields- 10–12
        Power electronics – 10–12
        Analog & Digital- 10–12
        Maths- 8–10
        GA & English- 15–15
        TOTAL ———————–90–107*
        *Based on Previous 4 years Average only.

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        Thats awesome muzeeb. If someone validate it that would be super great..

        The Companies
        BHEL: 175 Electrical Engineer Trainees

        Indian Oil: 45 Electrical Engineer Trainees

        POWERGRID: 86 Electrical Engineer Trainees

        NTPC: 110 Graduate Electrical Engineer Trainees
        Total of 400 Posts for Electricals Only.

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        How about making a separate forum for electrical engineering and you can post these in efferent topics 🙂

      1. Thats awesome….
        yes …we will do it…

      1. Saquib Nawaz

        thanks for sharing muzeeb!

      1. Hai zahid ji,
        When will be New forum for Electricals will be started ?

      1. Best Books for GATE Electrical Engineering

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        Muzeeb, A new forum for Electrical engineering is created and also your posts moved here 🙂

      1. Hai patan garu…
        I am studying final year EEE in SVUniversity, Tirupathi.
        My target is also GATE-2102.Hw are u preparing for the Exam.also help me if possible

      1. Actually I don’t have a facebook account earlier.I have created one for this purpose only

      1. Ok…supraja….all the best for u….if U have any doubts & Questions post in Electrical forum…discussions will help u…
        also…see how to prepare gate articles by zahid sir….ok….

      1. Sir..!
        how are you preparing?

      1. Hai,
        how ? Means do u wann know details about my schedule ..or …material.. ?

      1. may be both.someone told me that brilliant tutorial materials are really good…daily how are you preparing..?and i am really very weak in analog electronics……if u guide me through…it wiil a great help for me…
        thank you

      1. it will be a great help for me

      1. Brilliant materials…sucks…
        Made easy…material ..avarage…
        Ace material best for Gate ””
        I have borrowed Ace Materials Hand written + Printed one from my colleagues…& photo copied it…or u can buy it online from
        it costs around 6K …

      1. Coming to Prep. Plan
        1. Collect materials & previous Gate papers.
        2. Do n’t waste time on plan making…i mean again & again planning…
        3. We do requried standard books …according to our Iq..
        4. Start preparing in sessions of two ….morning & evening…simultaneously maintaing work or college
        5. First session target core subjects
        & second session target out of core subjects
        6. See the pattern of questions asking in gate before & after studying the basic topics.
        7. Give priority to high weightage subjects
        8. Don’t break plans & if u miss the plan…don’t worry…grasp the basics in sunday or holiday periods
        9. Revision makes perfect…new motto for Gate
        10. Always make short notes during revision & repeat second revision from short notes
        11. MOCK tests will help a lot..subscribe as listed
        Gateforum —targate Rs3500/-BEST ONE
        Made easy—tests Rs 3000
        Ace online tests — 1000/-

      1. thank you

      1. r u online now

      1. Rohit Gupta

        what about GATEFORUM material?? it is good??

      1. Rohit Gupta

        and also if a classroom/distance program from gateforum is good than any other institution?

      1. Gateforum Material is above Avarage….
        Coaching in Gateforum is good.but not the best….

      1. Hai Sir…
        I am preparing daily.But i know that this much preparation is not enough.I have to dedicate more hours for this.I know the importance of this exam….but i am really very much worrying that i am not upto the mark…give a suggestion for doing more practice daily and to learn the subject effectively.please sir

      1. Hai,
        I think u r worrying 2much..
        Frst u must have confidence….that u can achive anything…with serious prep…..& coming to mark of standard for Gate …u must understand that…..How much u prepare…still there is a deffiency for Gate standard..that’s why…it is one of toughest exam to crack…
        finally….come back to Basics…..start from Ground Zero….ok…..continue it ..till the Goal is reached…
        All the best.

      1. Thanks for your reply….
        May i know what are u doing now?

      1. I am doing a Job in Obulum Electricals as Inspection officer.

      1. Hi……
        how is ur preparation going on……?
        how would be the paper this year?any guesses…
        what are the subjects that need to be stressed?

      1. How is ur job?
        may i know abt urself

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