1. Hamsa Honey

        i have applied for gate 2012 through net banking.But i made a mistake in my date of birth and name.And i posted my form also.Now how can i change my mistake,is their any problem with that.Can i apply it once again?

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        The best solution is to fillout new application form immediately and then request for cancelling the other application form.

        You can pursue with bank and IITD for geting your money back by mailing them the issue.

        Fill the form immediately as tommorow is the last date and there will be a huge rush there.

      1. Saquib Nawaz

        i think you should call your respective IIT immediately.

      1. I think wes hould call the respective IIT to which you send the application
        as per my knowledge there is option to send a letter to the respective IIT stating the mistake in the application form and proof of original name or Date of birth must be send along with the letter to respective IIT

      1. Sagar Hosur

        I am also facing the same problem , can any one help me to sort it out. i have filled my name wrongly in my gate application form 2014.
        the last date for filling the form is 1st oct 2013.
        can i reg for gate 2014 again ???
        do i get the money back , for the 1st application??

      1. Sagar Hosur

        sorry the last date is 1st oct 2014

      1. how should i change my name in gate enrollment form?

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