I was looking for some good resource and lectures for understanding the basic concepts during my engineering. Because I was not satisfied with what my lecturers taught in college. Usually in private engineering colleges lectures are unable to give clear concepts of some core engineering subject that eventually lead to either student not liking that subject or running away from it.

I was really happy to see few video lectures by MIT (USA) & NUS on computer algorithms and thought if IITs and some good institute provide these kind of lectures it would help many students across the nation build their concepts well, specially core subjects.

MHRD initiated a good project for taking up this task. They made a series of video and web based tutorial for engineering students. And the aim is to make 900 engineering video courses by the end of 2012. Hope this will help a large engineering community across the country.

As there is enough time to prepare for GATE 2011, these video can help GATE 2011 aspirants to learn basic engineering concepts and speedup the preparation of GATE in last stages. I also hope that these will help in IIT M.Tech interviews.

Video lectures and video tutorials that can be used for GATE preparation are as follows.

Engineering Mathematics and other courses
Civil Engineering (CE) Lectures and Tutorials
Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) Lectures and Tutorials
Electrical Engineering (EE)Lectures and tutorials
Electronics and Communication Engineering Lectures and Tutorials
Mechanical Engineering Lectures and Tutorials
Ocean Engineering Lectures and Tutorials
Biotechnology Lectures and Tutorials
Mining Engineering lectures and tutorials

In Phase two of the project, there are lot of other engineering streams added with extra lectures but the video lectures to existing recourses and are available one payment as low as Rs 200/-. Please visit official site for more details about accessing the Video lectures and tutorials. I believe after some time this content will be available for free for a wider student community.

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Prathyusha shared few very useful links for GATE preparation. Her contribution to many students is as below. Thanks to Prathyusha for sharing really valuable information.
Standford Lectures
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lectures
she added “these are the sites every private engineering college student must visit to actually feel the subject and understand it!” you can refer to her comment.