Writing Goals is Extremely Important Do it Always

This morning I was bit late to office so ran fast grabbed a coffee and quickly landed on my desk. I quickly left my jacket back of my chair logged in and started coffee. There is New Year messages still passing on, I replied few mails and pulled the latest version of code we are working and checked updates on project management site and made a daily report. The moment I was doing daily to list I saw a message on mail saying do you know what you wanted to do in 2016? I was like hmm as if I remember : )

In couple of minutes someone came to my desk side started handing over the piece of papers. I asked him what’s this? Some kind of event? (usually, I am not very lucky in gambling : ) ) He said check that. On the top my name was written in Korean (I am working in Korea), I was like damn how the heck I can know what’s inside. He was looking at me, I asked what’s inside its in Korean. He said if you wrote it in Korean it will be in Korean. I was like hmm let’s open it everyone opened their by that time and started laughing. I opened without a delay, thought a personal message from VP with some kind of weird instructions lol . Yes it was from VP but written by myself. It happened that in 2016 Jan our VP called everyone us for a coffee and asked us to write 3 things that I wanted to do in 2016. He kept and returned it to us in 2017. It was a pleasant surprise and a point of quick evaluation for many of us.

When I looked into my goals the first thing came to me was a smile and then I started checking how I did in 2016. I was happy to see, what I was thinking at the beginning of 2016 and where I am standing now. I looked forward for three goals, one was about my professional life, second one was about physical life (health and leisure related) and third one was about personal growth. I am really happy to achieve more than I was planning in 2016 for two goals but I kind of neglected health related tasks. I decide to take care of that from now on : )

When I relaxed a bit during lunch time I felt how important it is write down our goals. I have been doing it for the long time. When I was in phd I wrote this short plan for myself and the fact is finished 2 months before my own deadline. Having goals are extremely important to be happy and being grateful, writing them and evaluating them is extremely important too. Without that you will neither remember what you wanted to do nor evaluate to see where your life is going.

Some might argue, having goals stress one out. I say they dont know how to set goals. Goals should be high enough to challenge you and low enough to not to destroy balance of your life. Write them and give yourself time and patiently work for them. At the end of the day you will have a great sense of achievement.

The New Year 2017 just started and it’s a good time make some sensible goals and work towards them. I hope this will motivate you to have few written goals for this year. This is a personal post for similar other posts visits Personals.


  1. Jabeen

    Truely motivating.

  2. Saba Karim

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  3. Pavan kumar

    Yes sir.. you’re right..
    Writing down on paper about short term & long term goals makes us clear about our next step towards them.

  4. Vardaan

    Hmm, its true. Even I feel relaxed after writing down the goals on a piece of paper, and setting up proper plan for achieving them.
    A Motivational article!!!

  5. sarfaraz

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