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What’s New in GATE 2017

Every year there is something new in GATE exam. Usually these changes dont effect all students, except the one happened in GATE 2015, where GATE exam moved from paper based exam to computer based exam. Later, in 2016 it’s just addition of some more papers and specializations such as an additional paper on Ecology and Evolution (EY).

In GATE 2017 there are two new things announced. First one is a sub paper. Unlike Ecology and Evolution this new paper comes under XE (Engineering Sciences paper) and will be known as Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences (section H). I dont think many would opt for this.

Second announcement is great in my opinion. GATE is going international, yes it true. GATE for international candidates will be conducted in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Nepal, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and United Arab Emirates (UAE). It’s a great relief for candidates living there as they don’t have to schedules travel just for GATE exam.

The Question what does it mean by international candidates look ambiguous but as the term is cleverly chosen to bring both Indian living in those countries and residents of those nations under same umbrella. And also this is a great move by IITs to expand internationally so that GATE can be recognized internationally and later can bring more international opportunities for Indian students.

I can foresee that GATE can be an alternative to GRE for master degree admissions in the nations where English is not a major admission criteria. This is possible if GATE organizing committee could make it online and make adaptive. These things I discussed in my last year post on changes in GATE 2015 and changes in GATE 2016.

An important announcement apart from new paper and international expansion is GATE 2017 score is valid for 3 (three) years.

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Wish you all a great luck ahead.


  1. Sandeep Nalwade

    can agricultural engineer give the gate exam from civil engineering

  2. Saikat

    Hello sir I am from ee..u have said that a new paper will come in 2017 (engineering science)..gate has so huge syllabus in every it very important to add one more ? more thing what is engineering science?…what should I study for it?

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