Summer Vacation: Time to set things right

This is a guest post form Mr. Mohammed Rafiuddin (my beloved dad), who used to give me long mails of instructions when i was a student and those handwritten mails always kept me motivated. Therefore, I requested him to write his suggestions for our fastest growing student community in few paragraphs. He is working as Planning Analyst in Saudi Aramco (World’s largest oil producing company) and lives in Saudi Arabia. Just to share, I live in South Korea.

The student community at all levels enjoy the summer holidays as it is the longest breakthrough in each calendar year. The school children cleverly present their excursion plans to their parents where as the college and university youth enjoy by touring the hill stations and picnic resorts.

Every human being has the right to enjoy his life as long as he does not transgress the limits of others. Abiding by the moral values is the master key for the success of individual as well as society. If a traveler is friendly with his co-passenger, the journey will be pleasant.

It is vital for the success in the life to manage the time properly. The world stalwarts who are shining like stars due to their achievements, have utilized each minute of their time to accomplish their goal. The time management is an art that can bring laurels to the plan.

The long summer holidays until the educational institutions reopened, can be managed by chalking out a complete program that should comprise of all activities including enhancement of knowledge, taking care of health through gymnasium and sports, traveling for outdoor picnic resorts. Remember to allot more time to your original goal and the remaining time accordingly to other events. Prioritize the activities and distribute the time so that each activity is allotted the time as per its priority.

The hot summer has started in different parts of Asia, especially in India. You need to take all precautions to avoid sunstrokes while exposing to open whether and sunburns at beaches. Drinking lots of potable water and natural juices is highly recommended during warm whether.

Do not spend very long period outside your home or hostel as it may derail your plan and divert your attention unintentionally.



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    Sir Mr. Mohammed Rafiuddin ,we want conntinue your valuable suggestion for our progress.

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