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Number of M.Tech Seats in IIT Kharagpur in 2018

Number of M.Tech seats in IIT Kharagpur in 2018 is a part of an effort to collect total number of M.Tech seats in IITs. It is very useful information for student looking for M.Tech admissions. These figures change year to year based on number of new courses IITs offered. But mostly remain same or very close the number mentioned in the blow tables. For all previous and late IIT Kharagpur course and category wise GATE cutoffs do visit IIT Kharagpur M.Tech cutoffs.

Below table gives you the information about number of seats in IIT Kharagpur for M.Tech for various courses along with categories. This information combined with GATE cutoffs will give one a good idea about where they can get admission. To know previous years GATE cutoffs please follow the below link.

IIT GATE cutoffs since 2013

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To know you gate score based on different years GATE stats please follow the GATE score calculator.

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Number of M.Tech Seats in IIT Kharagpur in 2018

DepartmentCodeSpecializationTotal Seats
Aerospace EngineeringAEAerospace Engineering24
Agricultural & Food EnggAG1Farm Machinery and Power19
Agricultural & Food EnggAG2Land and Water Resources Engineering18
Agricultural & Food EnggAG3Food Process Engineering30
Agricultural & Food EnggAG4Agricultural Biotechnology20
Agricultural & Food EnggAGAgricultural Systems and Management19
Architecture & Region PlanningARCity Planning42
BiotechnologyBTBiotechnology and Biochemical Engineering24
Civil EngineeringCE1Hydaulic and Water Resources Engineering20
Civil EngineeringCE2Transportation Engineering20
Civil EngineeringCE3Environmental Engineering and Management18
Civil EngineeringCE4Geotechnical Engineering18
Civil EngineeringCE5Structural Engineering20
Chemical EnggCHChemical Engineering75
CoralCLEarth System Science and Technology31
Cryogenic EnggCRCryogenic Engineering21
Computer Science & EnggCSComputer Science and Engineering67
Electronics & Electrical Communication EnggEC2Microelectronics and VLSI Design29
Electronics & Electrical Communication EnggEC3RF and Microwave Engineering28
Electronics & Electrical Communication EnggEC4Telecommunication Systems Engineering28
Electronics & Electrical Communication EnggEC5Visual Information & Embedded Systems Engg28
Electrical EngineeringEE1Machine Drives and Power Electronics (MDPE)18
Electrical EngineeringEE2Control System Engineering18
Electrical EngineeringEE3Power and Energy Systems18
Electrical EngineeringEE4Instrumentation & Signal Processing18
Education TechnologyETMultimedia Information Processing15
Geology and GeophysicsGG1Exploration Geosciences24
GS Sanyal School of TelecomGSWireless Communication and Networks (New)10
Infra Design & MangtIDInfra Design & Management31
Industrial & Systems EngineeringIMIndustrial Engg & Mgmt31
MathematicsMAComputer Science and Data Processing34
Mechanical EngineeringME1Manufacturing Sc & Engg26
Mechanical EngineeringME2Thermal Science and Engg33
Mechanical EngineeringME3Mechanical Systems Design44
Mining EnggMNMining Engg22
Materials ScienceMSMaterials Science and Engg29
Metal & Materials EnggMTMetal and Materials Engg54
Ocean Engg & Naval ArchNAOcean Engg & Naval Arch20
PhysicsPH1Function Materials and Devices (existing name Solid State Technology)25
Subir Chowdhury School of Quality and ReliabilityREQuality and Reliability Engineering (existing name Reliability Engineering)20
Rubber TechnologyRTRubber Technology24
Medical Sc & TechnologySMBiomedical Engineering15
Water ResourcesWMWater Engineering and Management12
Adv Tech Dev CentreATEmbeddede Controls & Soft12
Civil EngineeringRRRailway Engineering10
Energy Science & EngineeringESEnergy Science & Engineering15
Total JMP Intake for 2018 – 191171

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