JEE Main Cutoff

NIT Cutoff JEE Main

NIT cutoff JEE Main or JEE Main cutoff is a collection of category wise minimum rank admitted in various B.Tech programs at different NITs. We have been obtaining JEE main cutoff information for NITs since 2014 from official sources. Students can also easily access all NIT JEE Main cutoff data JEE Main College Predictor.

Every year, the cutoffs are collected after the final round of JEE Main counseling. The data cleaning and organization for each participating institute happen. After that, the classification of data happens on the basis of admission category, gender, the round of admission, and branch.

On the other hand, JEE Advanced cut off is also available for students, do refer to JEE Advanced College Predictor and Cutoffs for more details. InI also has Rank predictors for JEE Main and JEE advanced. Do take a look at JEE main rank predictor and JEE Advanced Rank predictor and share it with friends and juniors.

To check NITs course wise cutoffs by selecting the category since its JoSAA counselling started. In the coming days we will add Fee and Placement information to the individual NIT cutoff tool. Do follow the below links for each NITs JEE Main cutoffs.

NIT Cutoff based on JEE Main Rank

NIT Agartala CutoffNIT Nagaland Cutoff
NIT Andhra Pradesh CutoffNIT Patna Cutoff
NIT Arunachal Pradesh CutoffNIT Puducherry Cutoff
NIT Bhopal CutoffNIT Raipur Cutoff
NIT Delhi CutoffNIT Rourkela Cutoff
NIT Durgapur CutoffNIT Sikkim Cutoff
NIT Goa CutoffNIT Silchar Cutoff
NIT Hamirpur CutoffNIT Srinagar Cutoff
NIT Jaipur CutoffNIT Tiruchirappalli Cutoff
NIT Jalandhar CutoffNIT Uttarakhand Cutoff
NIT Jamshedpur CutoffNIT Warangal Cutoff
NIT Kurukshetra CutoffNITK Surathkal Cutoff
NIT Manipur CutoffMNNIT Allahabad Cutoff
NIT Meghalaya CutoffSVNIT Surat Cutoff
NIT Mizoram CutoffVNIT Nagpur Cutoff

We made similar cutoffs for IITs and IIITs cutoffs. Do check them and try to explore where you can get admission for a given rank and how NIT cutoff changed over the years.

Feel free to ask any questions you have and we wish you great luck ahead.

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