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NIT Allahabad M.Tech Seats 2016

NIT Allahabad M.Tech seats 2016 gives information about all seats available in NIT Allahabad for M.Tech admissions in 2016. For all department and categorywise NIT Allahabad GATE cutoffs are available at NIT Allahabad M.Tech Cutoffs. The seat distribution details given for various departments and categories including physically disabled persons.

For GATE cutoffs in various NITs since 2012 you can refer to CCMT GATE cutoff tool below.

NITs GATE cutoff tool (CCMT)

Number of M.Tech seats in NIT Allahabad are as follows

Department of Applied MechanicsApplied MechanicsG110030205020
Department of Applied MechanicsBiomedical EngineeringG15010103010
Department of Applied MechanicsBiomedical EngineeringG24120003010
Department of Applied MechanicsFluid EngineeringG110030105120
Department of Applied MechanicsMaterials Science & EngineeringG110030205020
Department of BiotechnologyBiotechnologyG18020104015
Department of Civil EngineeringEnvironmental EngineeringG17120104015
Department of Civil EngineeringGeotechnical EngineeringG18020104015
Department of Civil EngineeringStructural EngineeringG18011104015
Department of Civil EngineeringTransportation EngineeringG17030104015
Department of Chemical EngineeringChemical EngineeringG19130205020
Department of Computer Science & EngineeringInformation SecurityG110030106020
Department of Computer Science & EngineeringSoftware EngineeringG110021205020
Department of Computer Science & EngineeringComputer Science & EngineeringG110030205020
Department of Electronics & Communication EngineeringCommunication SystemsG19130205020
Department of Electronics & Communication EngineeringDigital SystemG110030105120
Department of Electronics & Communication EngineeringMicroelectronics & VLSI DesignG110030205020
Department of Electrical EngineeringControl & InstrumentationG110030105120
Department of Electrical EngineeringPower Electronics & DrivesG110030205020
Department of Electrical EngineeringPower SystemsG19130205020
Department of GIS CellGIS & Remote SensingG110030115020
Department of Mechanical EngineeringDesign EngineeringG110130105020
Department of Mechanical EngineeringProduction EngineeringG110130105020
Department of Mechanical EngineeringProduct Design and DevelopmentG110030106020
Department of Mechanical EngineeringThermal EngineeringG110030105120
Department of Mechanical EngineeringComputer Aided Design & ManufacturingG110030106020

This is part of All NIT GATE and M.Tech admission information. For M.Tech seats in all NITs do refer to M.Tech seats in all NITs for 2016.

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