These universities are started recently on a private-public university model, to give an alternative to IIT education, not exactly an alternative but a very good second level choice for students. IITs are anyhow top institutes in the country and I don’t think any other institute is an alternative to them. On the other hand, IIITs have a far better infrastructure and faculty than many govt. colleges and universities, making them a better choice for students.

University industry interface is excellent and many companies support labs and other infrastructure with these institutes. The major concentration in these institutes is on computer science and engineering.

The following list is based solely on the website ranking, and may not agree with other ranking list. Click the links to check M.Tech Admission details.

1. IIIT Hyderabad : is a public-private institution with great industry participation. Location is another advantage of this institute.
2. IIIT Bangalore: also a public-private institution with great industry participation. Location is another advantage of this institute.
3. IIIT Allahabad: is a Central government institute with a mission of providing a state of art educational infrastructure and facilities.
4. IIITM Kerala: Started in 2000 with a great industry collaboration.
5. IIIT Gwalior: This is a Central Government funned institute with great infrastructure.
6. IIIT Pune : started in 2003 and have good interaction with industry. Location is great advantage for this institute.
7. IIIT DM Jabalpur : Established in 2005 in collaboration with Japan. Have great affiliations and possibility of exchange between India and Japan. Major concentration is on manufacturing and mechanical engineering.
8. IIIT Bhubaneswar : started in 2007 with a good infrastructure and government support.
9. IIIT Delhi: It was created as state university 2007. Location is great advantage.
10. IIITD&M Kanchipuram: This is in Chennai and started by MHRD, Central Government. Offers only B.Tech and PhD
11. IIIT Nuzvid: Its new start in 2008 in Vijaywada Andhra Pradesh.

All of these don’t provide similar atmosphere and infrastructure and opportunities. Top ones are definitely good but bottom ones can not compete with some state universities too. In India studying in Govt. College is a pride and can not be compared by private colleges with huge fees and less restrictive admission procedures. Consider this before making a decision.