Jadavpur University M.Tech admissions 2011

This notification is informed by Praveen. We are Thankful to him.

Jadavpur University invites applications for Master degree in Engineering (M.E / M.Tech / M.Arch) in various Engineering departments such as Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical, Metallurgical & Material Engineering, Pharmaceutical Technology, Architecture, Production Engineering, Information Technology, Food Technology & Bio-Chemical Engineering, Instrumentation &Electronics Engineering, Power Engineering, School of Material Science and Technology, School of Education Technology, School of Water Resources Engineering, School of Bio Science and Engineering, School of Mobile Computing & Communication, School of Nuclear Studies & Application, School of Energy Studies.

Eligibility for Admission:
Obtained Bachelor’s degree in Engg./Tech./ Pharm./Arch. Or M.Sc./M.A. as given in the Schedule below with at least 60% marks (50% for SC/ST/PD) and qualified through GATE/NET.

Passed Membership/Associate Membership Examination in the appropriate discipline conducted by all professional bodies, like Institution of Engineers (India)/Indian Institute of Architects/Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers/ Institute of Electronics Telecommunication Engineers etc. approved by Govt. of India, with at lest 60% marks in aggregate (50% for SC/ST/PD) and qualified through GATE are eligible for admission for to PG courses in Engg./Tech./Arch./Pharm. as GATE category candidates.

Selection procedure for admission:
GATE Score – 70 marks
Interview and/or Admission Test – 30 marks

There is a special category called Self sponsored ( NON GATE) anyone interested please read the brochure on official site in detail.

Official website: Jadavpur University M.Tech admissions 2011

Important Dates:
Last date of submitting the complete application form: 04.05.2011
For exam dates please refer to official site.

Do visit M.Tech Admissions 2011 in good universities other than IITs and NITs. For All other M.Tech admissions, please refer to M.Tech admissions 2011.

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  1. Utsav

    Jadavpur University has a 6 semester course (non gate)on computer science engineering called MTCT apart from MCSE. I am new to know about that course. Can you please tell me the merit value of that course. Is it equivalent to MCSE or inferior as merit value?

  2. karthik

    sir my gate score is 520(ece) can i get admission in delhi university and hich is the best that suits my rank sir please do reply

  3. Vishal

    sir,i got 32.67 marks in GATE 2013 in Instrumentation paper .My AIR is 1195 in general category.Can I get admission to mtech in Jadavpur University?Also can you provide last year’s cutoff gate score for the same in Jadavpur University?Please reply soon.Need urgent help.Thanks in advance.

  4. M.Tech Colleges in India

    For the growth in Technical Line after three year completion of bachelor education, M.Tech is best option for growth in your career..Thanks to share Information…Well News.

  5. praveen kumar singh

    Sir in gate exam 2011,I get 30.66 marks in CSE and my AI rank is 11008,Sir plz reply me, can I get admission in JU in the dept CSE in gen category……???

  6. jaganmoy

    i want to take admission in jadavpur university ,in mtech cse ,
    please tell me the eligibilty crieteria,admission time,course fee,about entrance exam, my last qualification MCA….

    reply me sir as soon as possible….

  7. khushi

    hello please reply…i am waiting…

  8. khushi

    sir i have scored 947in gen category,and scored 25.67 marks in gate 2011 in IN .which college i may get.???will i get any iits?or jadavpur university?

  9. Amalendu Sett

    My daughter completed BSc(CS-Hons) from St. Zavier’s college,year 2010. Can she take admission in M-Tech(computer science) in the evening course at JU? If yes,any admission test she needs to qualify?
    Kindly reply with details at an early date. Thanks &regards.

  10. shampa mukherjee

    is an m.c.a from wbut eligible for pursuing m tech in ju?
    plz inform.

  11. shashibhushan sharma

    i’m obc catagory……

  12. shashibhushan sharma

    sir,my gate score is 363 with 30 marks.what can i got any good colleges????????????

  13. riya

    Sir,plz let me know if i can apply for mtech in jadavpur university,with a gate score of 26.33(ece) in obc catagory.

  14. madhav

    got 36 (ece),which college can i get

  15. muzajhid

    sir, plz let me know how to apply for mtech in jadavpur university ….. also it wud be grateful if u could tell me if i can get admission in any college around delhiii with gate score of26.67

  16. ekta

    sir plz tell me the information ragarding the uptu m tech admission 2011.

  17. Prawin

    Zahid Sir plz dont put me in a dilemna/confusion with ur work pressure or any problems of ur personel… u have mentioned that nits r not advisable for doing phd/research because some of the faculty members from nits have no phd’s til now..and at the same time u have included nits in the research institutions list on par with iits ,iisc and central universities in til 2008 research institutes in india…..plz dont mind sir i think u r copying from other sites thats what came to my mind when i saw that list…but 50k people including me who r reading these posts r feeling that ur posting upon verification from concern authorities and asking the students from the respective colleges through proper channel….plz dont mention names like nit warangal if u dont know about there research and about the phd back ground…our lifes wil be spoiled if we belive such things…plz remove nit warangal and jamshedpur from that research institutes list….they dont know what is.,…..the faculty in it r not publishing any ieee papers since a long back….

    1. Zahid

      Prawin: Well I usually dont respond to messages like this but as I you shared some information previously I feel its better to answer you. Thank god I dont have any personal problems and if I have I dont bring here. Secondly better you read all the post instead of making conclusions just by seeing the ranks or something. Whatever you are looking for was given in few good places for PhD. You moved to research based ranking and now came with a thought of copying. I dont need to answer you on this because neither that is my ranking nor I agreed on it. And now if dont present that ranking you would never get it from any other place. because that research magazine you would never touch in your entire life if you are in education and research. Even a B.Tech student can judge that NITs are not good then why are you asking me about it. I already advised you to not to think about it. Better you read the complete post to understand it better.

      It is for all readers that you need to read the post completely before giving a serious comment and making conclusions.
      Thanks Prawin for dropping by again, and I hope this will help you 🙂

  18. Divyanshu

    Anybody knows about 2010 GATE cutoff for Jadhavpur university?

  19. Prawin

    I myself have recommended many students over 500+ to visit inspirenignite and i am continuing to do so til now…but i am not getting any advise not even response for my eligibility for admission…i am again asking my questions plz reply atleast at this time… is in eie but wrote gate in ece got score 523.but in admissions as they see branch i am not getting eligibility for admission…in the notifications they r mentioning qualifying degree as electronics and telecom..and electronics or equivalent…i want what do they mean by equivalent…once see nit kurukshetra notification and tel me whether i am eligible for to apply for ece department..if u do this i wil get answer to my question…2.i am interested in doing phd..but in top nits like nitw.,.til now they have awarded phd only to 2 persons til in order to do pursue phd which colleges/universities r better..or tel me the list of nits where research work is good and recommend to do phd after my…plz dont make me to wait for a long notification dates r near by and i need have sufficient time to take proper decision…plz spend some extra valuble time for all of us…i think for the past 1weak comments r very less and they r asking reg to which college i should apply..

    1. Zahid

      Prawin: Let me answer your questions.

      1. You easily come under equivalent category. If you CS and EE students are allowed to apply for certain ECE course you will be too. I checked the NIT Krukshetra site for eligibility in ECE. Apply as many palaces as you and once you are called or shortlisted you can convince the admission committee.
      2. For PhD I think either you should go to IITs or Central Universities. NITs doesn’t have PhD qualification for faculty itself, expecting much from them is not advisable. Please refer to my post for details.

      Another good thing is I already started working on a blog dealing with PhD topics. listed out things in detail but due to time limitations. You can expect that in the month of June of July.

      Thanks Prawin for help and support.

  20. Prawin

    Sir i am waiting for ur reply since 4days….ur interested in only number of people visiting ur site..but not at their problems…plz do remember that students only giving information regarding admissions…ur just saying thanx and posting that admission notification into ur blog by leaving students problems with them only….this is not at all good as a lecturer/instructor…..ur interested in only no. Of visitors because of open secret…..BIT MESRA RELEASED NOTIFICATION N JOY.,

    1. Zahid

      Prawin: Feel So Sorry for not being able to answer. I will answer you for sure after going home. Prawin please just dont get annoyed with my behavior. I am totally pack these days thats why not even approving comments. Sorry dude. I will get back to you this evening 🙂 Cheer now please.

  21. lalith

    wt wil b the fee fr jadavpur univ……wil i get any stipend if i join in dis clg wit gate rank and if hw much….

  22. onkar

    nit durgapur notification out

  23. Goutam

    Sir in gate exam 2011,I get 30.00 marks in CSE and my AI rank is 11753,Sir plz reply me, can I get admission in JU in the dept CSE in SC category……???

  24. Arko Banerjee

    I have a question….I am currently doin 1st year in ECE at west bengal.I have 3 choises 1st to do and then go for job or do, go for job or simply do and go for job.My aim in life is to work in a reputed mnc and earn lots of money…money is the main thing to me.So please advice which one is better for me.And if i manage to bag in will there be any extra advantage?What advantage does have over in terms of salary?
    Please reply…………based on your reply i will take decisions about my future.

    1. shamim

      Son…, leave ur study and dreaming in day!!! U cant do anymore, complt ur final yr then u wll realize ur dream urself……

  25. abdul azeez

    please tell me, how to apply for jadavpur university,as that website was not open.?
    i tried many times but it is not open.

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