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IIT Madras GATE Cutoff 2016

IIT Madras GATE cutoff 2016 gives details of cutoffs at IIT Madras for very course offered by different departments. For all previous and late IIT Madras course and category wise GATE cutoffs do visit IIT Madras M.Tech cutoffs. These are last score admitted to each course admitted to IIT Madras for M.Tech instead of eligible cutoffs. Eligible cutoffs mean student eligible to apply for certain course at IITM during 2016.

For All other iit gate cutoff data since 2013 do check IIT GATE cutoff tools.

IIT GATE cutoff tool

IIT Madras GATE 2016 cutoffs are as follows

Aerospace EngineeringAerospace Engineering7568381
Aerospace EngineeringAerospace Engineering805734600415
Aerospace EngineeringAerospace Engineering743702
Aerospace EngineeringAerospace Engineering430
Applied MechanicEngineering Mechanics (Fluid Mechanics/Solid Mechanics)757738549
Applied MechanicBiomedical Engineering (Biomedical B.Tech)551466
Applied MechanicBiomedical Engineering796713
Applied MechanicBiomedical Engineering788524
Chemical EngineeringCatalysis Technology527475331322
Chemical EngineeringCatalysis Technology564533
Civil EngineeringBuilding Technology an d Construction Management718634578
Civil EngineeringBuilding Technology an d Construction Management798302
Civil EngineeringBuilding Technology an d Construction Management
Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering674624544
Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering791681
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering693670674
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering
Civil EngineeringHydraulic and Water Resources Engineering667634576413
Civil EngineeringHydraulic and Water Resources Engineering732102
Civil EngineeringHydraulic and Water Resources Engineering404
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering759587
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering
Civil EngineeringTransportation Engineering704666580406
Civil EngineeringTransportation Engineering798
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering540435348475
BiotechnologyClinical Engineering747700479393
Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering808729532404
Electrical EngineeringCommunication and Signal Processing7927375422477
Electrical EngineeringPower System and Power Electronics832802560483
Electrical EngineeringMicro Electronics and VLSI Design842796789604
Electrical EngineeringControl and Instrumentation781738533
Electrical EngineeringControl and Instrumentation846442
Electrical EngineeringMicroelectronics and Photonics455424475
Electrical EngineeringMicroelectronics and Photonics775734569463
MathematicsIndustrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing445421184
MathematicsIndustrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing481
MathematicsIndustrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing802555547
Mechanical EngineeringThermal Engineering769760593449
Mechanical EngineeringThermal Engineering791
Mechanical EngineeringDesign779776615535
Mechanical EngineeringDesign
Mechanical EngineeringManufacturing Engineering759741564570
Mechanical EngineeringManufacturing Engineering667
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMetallurgical and Materials Engineering55635396
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMetallurgical and Materials Engineering752739543
Ocean EngineeringOcean Engineering635603435379
Ocean EngineeringOcean Technology649562440315
Ocean EngineeringPetroleum Engineering723695
Ocean EngineeringPetroleum Engineering
Ocean EngineeringPetroleum Engineering514418441265
Ocean EngineeringPetroleum Engineering741691379
PhysicsFunctional Materials and Nanotechnology475347228
PhysicsFunctional Materials and Nanotechnology470
PhysicsFunctional Materials and Nanotechnology827555
Aerospace EngineeringAerospace Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)736
Aerospace EngineeringAerospace Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)765
Aerospace EngineeringAerospace Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)743
Applied MechanicsEngineering Mechanics (No Teaching Assistantship)753
Applied MechanicsBiomedical Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)495
Civil EngineeringBuilding Technology and Construction Management (No Teaching Assistantship)674
Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)651
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)685
Civil EngineeringHydraulic and Water Resources Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)620
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)703
Civil EngineeringTransportation Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)699
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)522
Electrical EngineeringMicroelectronics and Photonics (No Teaching Assitantship)760
MathematicsIndustrial Mathematics and Scientific Computing (No Teaching Assistantship)366
Mechanical EngineeringThermal Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)768
Mechanical EngineeringThermal Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)
Mechanical EngineeringDesign (No Teaching Assistantship)772
Mechanical EngineeringDesign (No Teaching Assistantship)
Mechanical EngineeringManufacturing Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)755
Mechanical EngineeringManufacturing Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)790
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMetallurgical and Materials Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)551
Metallurgical and Materials EngineeringMetallurgical and Materials Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)759
Ocean EngineeringOcean Engineering (No Teaching Assistantship)654
PhysicsFunctional Materials and Nanotechnology (No Teaching Assistantship)450

This is part of All IIT GATE cutoffs 2016 do check it for all IITs updates. For M.Tech seats in all IITs do refer to M.Tech seats in all IITs for 2016.

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