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IIT Delhi GATE Cutoff 2020

    IIT Delhi GATE cutoffs 2022 are now available from official sources. The cutoffs presented here are collected after final round of offers accepted from COAP (Common Offer Acceptance Portal) by the candidates. COAP is not common admission platform like CCMT. Students have to apply to IITs individually. For all previous year’s course wise and category wise GATE cutoffs in IIT Delhi do visit IIT Delhi M.Tech cutoffs.

    Expecting that in future IITs will have common admission platform too. The big hurdle is most of the IIT M.Tech admissions are still conducted based on both GATE score and personal interview. Personal interview is also an important part of having students in master’s degree as it consists of a thesis and Professors expect certain level of knowledge from students.

    IIT Delhi GATE Cutoff: Determining Factors

    Gate cutoff is subject to various factors such as;

    1. The number of candidates taking the paper.
    2. The difficulty level of the GATE question paper.
    3. The total number of available seats. 
    4. Category under which the candidate is seeking admission.

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    We have been collecting IIT GATE cutoffs for many years now and classified the courses based on GATE paper to include interdisciplinary courses accordingly. Follow the below link for all previous years IIT GATE cutoffs.

    IIT Delhi GATE Cutoff and College Predictor

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    If you are preparing for GATE and giving practice tests? You can check your GATE score for given marks and check cutoffs to know and understand if you are doing just okay or improving with GATE preparations. Do check GATE Score Calculator below.

    GATE Score Calculator

    IIT Bhubaneswar GATE Cutoff 2022

    Engineering Analysis & Design700650450450700
    Machine Intelligence & Data Science748685484306746
    Biomedical Engineering650650585585617
    Atmospheric Oceanic Science Technology700675450450700
    Molecular Engineering; Chemical Synthesis & Analysis470423376376470
    Chemical Engineering600550450375600
    Environmental Engineering & Management670670500500670
    Rock Engineering & Underground Structure650650500500650
    Geotechnical & Geoenvironmental Engineering700700500500700
    Structural Engineering650650550550650
    Water Resources Engineering600600350350600
    Transportation engineering600600350350600
    Computer Science and Engineering800720550550800
    Communications Engineering600550400400600
    Computer Technology620590400340620
    Control & Automation660640540450660
    Integrated Electronics & Circuits700650550500700
    Mechanical Design600575425250600
    Industrial Engineering600575425250600
    Production Engineering600575425250600
    Thermal Engineering600575425250600
    Material Science & Engineering350350280280350
    Applied Optics450405303303450
    Solid State Materials450405303303450
    Textile Engineering550495363363550
    Fibre Science & Technology550495363363550
    Textile Chemical Processing550495363363550
    Energy Studies475475300300475
    Energy & Environment Technologies & Management475475300300475
    Instrument Technology625575425425575
    Optoelectronics & Optical Communication675640480360675
    Polymer Science & Technology350350280280350
    Telecommunication Technology & Management670630490320670
    Cyber Security690690550500650
    VLSI Tool Design & Technology700700600600700
    Electric Mobility710680525525710

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    IIT Bhubaneswar GATE Cutoff 2021

    Department NameSpecializationGENOBCSCSTEWS
    Applied MechanicsEngieering Analysis and Design700650450450700
    Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering650617585585650
    Applied Research in ElectronicsRadio Frequency Design & Technology727655449300727
    Atmospheric SciencesAtmospheric – Oceanic Science Technology700675450450675
    ChemistryMolecular Engineering Chemical Synthesis and Analysis425382339339425
    Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering600550450375600
    Civil EngineeringConstruction Engineering & Manegment600600350350600
    Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science & Engineering800720550550800
    Electrical EngineeringCommunication Engineering731655498460731
    Electrical EngineeringCommunication Engineering819800770720816
    Electrical EngineeringPower Systems950950920920950
    Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Design725675525375725
    Mechanical EngineeringIndustrial Engineering725675525375725
    PhysicsApplied Optics400360270270400
    Textile TechnologyFibre Science & Technology650585433433650
    InterdisciplinaryEnergy Studies600600300300600
    InterdisciplinaryEnergy & Environment Technologies and Mngt600600300300600

    IIT Bhubaneswar GATE Cutoff 2020

    Molecular Engg; Chemical Synthesis and Analysis400360320320400
    Chemical Engineering660627525445660
    Construction Engg. & Mgmt.500500400400500
    Computer Sc. & Engg.800720550550800
    Communications Engg.750700650600730
    Computer Technology740670485390730
    Control & Automation780750588500750
    Integrated Electronics & Circuits900850640600860
    Integrated Electronics & Circuits450440380350440
    Power Electronics, Electrical Machines & Drives760755640585760
    Power Systems788711605613728
    Mechanical Design725675525375725
    Material Sci. & Engg.550550475475550
    Applied Optics350315235235350
    Solid State Materials350315235235350
    Solid State Materials700630455455700
    Textile Engineering700630467467700
    Fibre Science & Tech.650585433433650
    Energy Studies400400300300400
    Instrument Technology675620450450620
    Instrument Technology620570425425570
    Instrument Technology450425400400425
    Optoelectronics & Optical Communication740670500500740
    Polymer Science & Tech.350350280280350
    Telecom. Tech & Mgmt.790770590525780
    VLSI Tool Design & Technology940940890890940

    For all other IIT GATE cutoff in 2020 do refer to IISc and IITs GATE cutoff 2022. For Questions you can either comment you can ask here or ask on InI forum at M.Tech admissions.

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