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Top Engineering College in Coimbatore 2015

While Ranking Engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu I could see there are few places with almost 40 to 50 engineering colleges. Then it was obvious for us to look into the top colleges in different cities in Tamil Nadu. Ranking engineering colleges is one the most difficult task as there only few criteria on which engineering colleges are be absolutely measured. Most of the magazines and news papers conduct some kind of surveys on some relative unimportant metric that can always be argued on person to person. For a long time I have been looking for a metric with which we can absolutely Rank engineering college on which everyone agree.

One such metric and I consider it as one of them most important criteria to know college performance is student quality. Student quality can be measure in absolute terms of previous year cutoffs. Therefore ranking engineering colleges on the basis of cutoffs will give us almost perfect list of top engineering colleges. In this post we bring the list of top engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu based on TNEA cutoffs. This list is also useful for knowing top engineering colleges in Tamil Nadu for M.Tech.

If you are looking for TNEA cutoff of individual engineering colleges during different years please visit a great tool given below. The Top Engineering Colleges in Tamil Nadu 2015 Based on TNEA Cutoffs are prepared using the same tool.

TNEA Cutoffs And College Predictor

The list of Top Engineering College in Coimbatore is as follows

Top Engineering College in Coimbatore

1Coimbatore Institute of Technology198.5199
2Government College of Technology_ Coimbatore198.25198.75
3PSG Institute of Technology and Applied Research197197.5
4Kumaraguru College of Technology (Autonomous)197197.5
5Sri Krishna College of Engineering & TechNology (Autonomous)195.75196.25
6Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College (Autonomous)191.75192.75
7Dr. Mahalingam College of Engineering & TechNology (Autonomous)189.75192
8Sri Krishna College of Technology (Autonomous)187.5189.75
9Karpagam College of Engineering (Autonomous)184.25187
10Sri Eshwar College of Engineering175.75183
11Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology177.75183.25
12SNS College of Technology176182.5
13Sri Shakthi Institute of Engineering and Technology174.75179
14Hindusthan College of Engineering and Technology164.25179
15Coimbatore Institute of Engineering and Technology156.25198.5
16K P R Institute of Engineering and Technology163.25174.5
17Park College of Engineering and Technology165166
18Dr.N G P Institute of Technology167165
19P A College of Engineering and Technology144.5174.25
 20V.S.B. College of Engineering Technical Campus155.75175.75

We will be updating all the rankings of engineering colleges as soon as soon we come the cutoff tools. For more information on Engineering admission do read posts on B.Tech.

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