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IIT ISM Dhanbad GATE Cutoff 2022

IIT ISM Dhanbad GATE cutoffs 2020 are now available from official sources. The cutoffs presented here are collected after final round of offers accepted from COAP (Common Offer Acceptance Portal) by the candidates. COAP is not common admission platform like CCMT. Students have to apply to IITs individually. For all previous year’s course wise and category wise GATE cutoffs in IIT ISM Dhanbad do visit IIT ISM Dhanbad M.Tech cutoffs.

Expecting that in future IITs will have common admission platform too. The big hurdle is most of the IIT M.Tech admissions are still conducted based on both GATE score and personal interview. Personal interview is also an important part of having students in master’s degree as it consists of a thesis and Professors expect certain level of knowledge from students.

IIT ISM Dhanbad GATE Cutoff: Determining Factors

Gate cutoff is subject to various factors such as;

  1. The number of candidates taking the paper.
  2. The difficulty level of the GATE question paper.
  3. The total number of available seats.
  4. Category under which the candidate is seeking admission.

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We have been collecting IIT GATE cutoffs for many years now and classified the courses based on GATE paper to include interdisciplinary courses accordingly. Follow the below link for all previous years IIT GATE cutoffs.

IIT ISM Dhanbad GATE Cutoff and College Predictor

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If you are preparing for GATE and giving practice tests? You can check your GATE score for given marks and check cutoffs to know and understand if you are doing just okay or improving with GATE preparations. Do check GATE Score Calculator below.

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IIT ISM Dhanbad GATE Cutoff 2022

Chemical Engineering382345224277382
Civil Engineering495515393352465
Computer Science and Engineering664609411306635
Data Analytics635587425306635
Electrical Engineering550421371292502
Electronics & Communication Engineering529475342275508
Environmental Science & Engineering496427376312534
Fuel Minerals & Metallurgical Engineering314314148189324
Industrial Engineering & Management573571369245550
Mechanical Engineering537499351276447
Mining Engineering337353225268315
Petroleum Engineering29131019198296

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IIT ISM Dhanbad GATE Cutoff 2021

Department NameSpecializationGENOBCSCSTEWS
Applied GeologyEngineering Geology410299123346
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering410345211247345
Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering577577408325590
Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering676619446354650
Electrical EngineeringElectrical Engineering622592405217623
Electronics and Communication EngineeringElectronics and Communication Engineering563526383279545
Environmental Science & EngineeringEnvironmental Science & Engineering583552350325598
Fuel and Mineral EngineeringFuel Minerals and Metallurgical Engineering359308231192313
Management StudiesIndustrial Engineering & Management610570382267505
Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Engineering590570308240564
Mining EngineeringGeomatics508490231283447
Petroleum EngineeringPetroleum Engineering470428223181607

IIT ISM Dhanbad GATE Cutoff 2019

Applied GeologyEngineering Geology551415384278
Applied Geology and Applied GeophysicsGeo-exploration530396275192
Applied GeophysicsEarthquake Science & Engineering557474384270
Applied MathematicsData Analytics666626477367
Chemical EngineeringChemical Engineering469308281200
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering648561487471
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering663604489348
Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Science and Engineering697629481418
Computer Science and EngineeringCSE ( Information Security)663581463326
Electrical EngineeringPower Electronics and Electrical Drives693668510414
Electrical EngineeringPower System Engineering686637622513
Electronics EngineeringCommunication and Signal Processing641607430319
Electronics EngineeringOptoelectronics and Optical Communication Engineering580549423319
Electronics EngineeringRF & Microwave Engineering607557426292
Electronics EngineeringVLSI Design657638457353
Environmental Science & EngineeringEnvironmental Science & Engineering632559465338
Fuel and Mineral EngineeringFuel Engineering393303258213
Fuel and Mineral EngineeringMineral Engineering572522407275
Management StudiesIndustrial Engineering & Management697643470318
Mechanical EngineeringMachine Design717637449319
Mechanical EngineeringManufacturing Engineering680635449423
Mechanical EngineeringMaintenance Engineering & Tribology677611449338
Mechanical EngineeringThermal Engineering702626470407
Mining EngineeringGeomatics594526437292
Mining EngineeringOpencast Mining579526407275
Mining EngineeringMining Engineering626598448297
Mining EngineeringTunnelling & UG Space Tech604455408342
Mining Machinery EngineeringMining Machinery Engineering660582414252
Petroleum EngineeringPetroleum Engineering598410235170

For all other IIT GATE cutoff in 2020 do refer to IISc and IITs GATE cutoff 2022. For Questions you can either comment you can ask here or ask on InI forum at M.Tech admissions.

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  1. Bhardawaj kumar

    My gate score is 507 in EE branch (sc) and I want to do m. Tech from Iit Kharagpur from power electronics or power engineering branch so the cutoff you mentioned are of last round or 1st round. Are these the least cutoff. And which iits can I get admission.

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