1. Vijay

        hello zahid sir, i have been reading ur forum from the past one month and really found it useful.. thanx a lot sir.. but i have a little suggestion to provide.. inspite of you telling that dont ask which college can i get a lot of student are asking this.. the reason is that students are still confused.. u have properly given the list of various iit, nit, iiit, central univ etc.. but sir it would be really helpful if you provide a combine list for top 50 colleges in india for mtech becoz when they all are placed together the whole list changes.. eg: colleges like bits pilani and dce well above various nit’s.. even various private college above lower nit’s.. as most students dont have idea which college to prefer above which it will be very kind of u if u provide such information as u r in touch with various mtech pusuing students… thanx in advance sir…

      1. Archana

        i score 420 GATE score2013 with 38.33 marks and AIR 10520 than plz tell me in which college can i get admission in M.Tech.

      1. Zahid


        Excellent suggestion dear. I will make a post on this weekend and hope that will help many students.
        I will either make series of posts to answer this or make a video to answer all in one place.

        Please ask this in a different topic so that we can answer : )

      1. A great suggestion indeed. Thanks Vijay. It is true that almost all (including those within top 100 or 200) are confused about the college and hence they even think of opting interdisciplinary and/or subjects apart from their cores ! It will be truly helpful. Thank you Zahid Sir for cosidering this. 🙂

      1. Vijay

        thank you zahid sir, looking forward for your post…

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