1. When ever someone commented on the blog I follow or someone replies to my comment, I dont get a mail. What should I do? I have subscribed the blog and getting mails whenever Zahid sir writes something about it.

      1. Inspire N Ignite

        Ankit when check the box next to ” Notify me of follow-up replies via email” below tag you get the mail whenever someone reply your comment or answer you post.

      1. @Zahid Sir,
        I was talking about the comments to your blog not this forum. I have to check up your article’s comment if somebody has posted something for me or not and thats bit tedious and even time and bandwidth consuming

      1. core sub questions having 2 marks?

      1. Zahid Sir, Is there a way to get official keys for gate question papers of some previous years.??

      1. Inspire N Ignite
      1. nopes, answer keys for 2008, 2009, 2010? 🙁 i know m demanding much… but if in case it is possible…?

      1. can someone pls tell me how much score is required to do m tech automotive technology in iit madras

      1. Gate Cse


        gate official answer keys

      1. I think minimum 65% is enough to get a sheet in IIT Madras for M.Tech. For more information About Colleges and universities details visit http://allaboutedu.com/universities-and-colleges

      1. Apsira is a portal for Education in India, to see the list of all the Colleges and Universities across in India. It is always best to review a colleges or university before going there. With so many out there, you want to find the best one. Here are some tips on reviewing colleges and universities online. So you visit http://www.apsira.com/colleges website then you will get information about Colleges.

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