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      1. With due permission from Zahid sir, I wanted to share my preparation line with everyone following this mind-bogling blog. I have made a test series for myself (starting from 1st dec, 2011 till 11th feb) which includes 18 subject-wise tests (2 tests on each subject excluding GA) and 22 full syllabus paper (15 unknown + 7 previous years paper). For more details, click the link of my blog where I have tried to explain everything. Since Zahid sir is taking so much care for us, aspirants, at least I can do something to support him.
        For I n I EC community. (And I am really sorry to paste my blog link here coz the blog is already written, I hope Zahid sir won’t mind)

      1. Oppps, Sorry I forgot the link for my blog.
        Here it is

        (and also anyone want then I can support to create a study group which may help some of us to stay motivated towards GATE. Ask your doubts (ofcourse about studies and for other doubts, you can post in this forum). If we get some participants, then we can request Zahid sir to create a page for ECE STUDY GROUP for InI comm.)

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      1. salamalekum,
        sir is there any need of courses to ece btech student after final year. if so please will you tell me what are those and their applications.

      1. @Allabashe Rasool
        I don’t think you need any course to take after B.Tech. If you not getting settle anywhere and don’t want to take M.Tech, then you should definately go for some diploma course.
        There are courses in IIT Bombay campus which offers a diploma in Robotics, I have heard about C-DAC hyd, which has many courses like VSLI, Embedded, etc etc.
        So if you don’t like any of our ECE subjects then you can always shift to computer application and take php or .NET course and if your luck is with you then you may get placed somewhere on good position

      1. Read my blog on ‘Approach to solve a GATE paper’. I have tried to develop this three step method of approaching a question and I have been working on this method from almost 1 year and still I am modifying it.

        sir, kindly read it once and tell me what you suggest after it.

      1. If any one interested in Test series and want papers or something, kindly let me know. As for now, no one has shown any interest and thats why I dint upload any tests yet


        Write-up about working of brain during our studies. One must know how it works and use the fullest strength of our brain wisely

      1. Next part of write-up uploaded

        want to know how and what happens inside your brain during last 3 hours of your GATE exam.

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