1. Laxman Malla

        My GATE 2012 result in Mechanical Branch is: Score-464, Rank- 5496. Plz suggest me some colleges and which new IITs r starting MTECH dis year?

      1. GATE 2012
        Examination Paper: ME – Mechanical Engineering
        Marks Obtained: 47.33 Out of 100
        GATE Score: 529
        All India Rank: 3301

        please suggest me any m tech college.thank you

      1. Abi Kumar

        My Gate Score is 439 in Computer Science and Rank is 7235 plz suggest me some colleges which i have to apply

      1. My GATE 2012 result in EC Branch is: Score-657, Rank- 1054.
        My GATE 2011 result in EC Branch is: Score-691, Rank- 803.
        I am in OBC-NC category . Please help me in order to maximize my opportunities to get selected in old IITs with good branch.

      1. Himani Gupta

        MY GATE 2012 result in Biotech Branch is
        : Score-473,Rank -316,Marks-47.33

        Please suggest me good colleges where i can apply at this score.
        Also guide me if i can apply in IIT’s?


      1. Gate score : 393
        Gate Rank :10672

        Will i get admission in any college for CSE?
        if yes in which all?

      1. Vinay Shukla

        my GATE 2012 score in Instrumentation branch is 27.7
        Score 390
        Rank 1319
        please suggest me any new college NIT’s or deemed universities

      1. Ankesh Singh

        my gate 2012 score in ece is 27
        score 440
        rank 7596
        please suggest me any nit or deemed universities.

      1. my gate score is 354 in 2011. In which college I have chances to get admission in M.tech in 2011

      1. Jugal Mehta

        my gate score is 702 in cs field.
        i got 61 marks.
        i am in obc category.
        in which iit’s i can get add?????

      1. Jugal Mehta

        i want to know hom many seats are available in each iit for m.tech. in cs field please give me a reply.

      1. Lorin Ahmed

        Jugal Mehta: You should apply for IITK, they have world renowned CS department there. They will have their own written tests and interview b4 admission, you can also apply to IITD, and if you have aggregate greater than 75 in your qualifying degree, thn you have chances of getting direct admission there, otherwise you’ll have to face written tests and interview there. IITR and IITG are always an option. You can get admission in M Tech RA in IITB but that will be of 3 yrs duration.

      1. Samrat Sahai

        my gate 2012 score is 444 in IN with AIR 871, marks 30.67……..
        are their any chances for nit…plz suggest some!!
        i hve obc reservation

      1. Sree Chandan

        My Gate rank in IN is 249. And gate score is 576. Is there possibility of getting instrumentation core branch in NIT Trichy Or Warangal.

      1. I have got
        40 marks
        mechanical gate
        i belong to obc.
        which is the best option for me? pls sujest me de best college that i could expect… will i get any of the nit s?

      1. Abhay Raj

        Hello Guys,

        I have a doubt in filling IITD form.

        1. IN the mode of support there are options like : Assistantship ,Employed and blank. I know most of us are not coming under employed (i.e industry sponsored). My doubt is whether we have to leave it blank or choose Assistantship as option.

        2. In GATE details, they have asked percentage. Do we have to fill percentile here or the actual marks out of 100.

        Please anyone having any idea respond to this.


      1. Sairam Reddy

        my Gate 2012 score-330,

        plz list me sme collgs wer there is possibility of me getting admission……..can i get in collgs lyk VIT,SRM,Delhi collg of engg,Manipal,……..plz guide me…….

      1. Krunal Patel

        Hello Sir & Friends,
        Branch: ECE- 59.13% aggregate.
        Gate’2012 score: 410/1000
        Marks: 25.33/100
        All India rank: 9782
        General category.
        Preferred branches:
        1) Embedded systems
        2) Digital systems
        3) Signal processing
        4) Wireless comm.
        Plz comment about where I can get admission.
        Thank you.

      1. Examination Paper: EC – Electronics and Communication Engineering
        Marks Obtained: 32.33 Out of 100
        GATE Score: 536
        All India Rank: 3360
        No of Candidates Appeared in EC: 176944
        CAN I GET ADMISSION IN GOOD NIT/IIIT? if yes then plz suggest.

      1. Sir, what are the latest rankings of NITs for M.Tech in Electrical stream with respect to gate 2011 scores?

      1. Zahid
      1. incase if u have not mentioned dis in ur earlier posts or articles.,
        entrance xm for “IIA” can skipped thru gud gate score !

      1. There is a slight ambiguity in the above post. There are two IIA’s viz., Indian Institute of Architects and Indian Institute of Astrophysics.

        Indian Institute of Astrophysics is conducting Screening Test (IIAST) for admission into Integrated Mtech & Phd. Those with GATE percentile above 96 are exempted from screening test.

        Even CSIR is considering GATE score but it is not mandatory.It wud be an added advantage if we have a valid GATE score (for CSIR)!!

      1. Archana

        i score 420 GATE score2013 with 38.33 marks and AIR 10520 than plz tell me in which college can i get admission in M.Tech.

      1. Om

        Sir ,a CSE B Tech can move to which specialisation in M Tech ,except Computer science Specialisation.
        Suggest which branch in B Tech can Move to which branch in M Tech also: for the convenience of all.

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