Institution of Engineers (India) was established in 1920 o promote and advance the art, science and practice of engineering and technology in India. the Institution is head-quartered in Kolkata, with 94 state and local centres, with half a million members (of which about 84,500 are corporate members). The institute offers distance AMIE degrees in different engineering disciplines. Now they have decided to offer postgraduate degree for working engineers, which will be accepted and all institutions and government agencies in India. This is started in collaboration with BIT Mesra.

Course: Post Graduate Degree (Equivalent to M.Tech) in different fields
Civil Engineering: Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, Structural Engineering
Electrical Engineering: Control Systems, Power Systems
Electronics and Communication Engineering: Microwave Engineering, Instrumentation and Control Engineering.
Mechanical Engineering: Heat Power, Design of Mechanical Equipment, Production
Quality Engineering and Management

Graduates and corporate members secured minimum 60% marks in B.E./B.Tech/Sections A and B of the Institution Examinations, with minimum three years academic/industrial experience, are eligible for registration of the Postgraduate Degree Programme in the respective engineering discipline. Persons not fulfilling the stipulated percentage criteria would be eligible for Postgraduate Diploma Programme only.

You need to apply of Institution membership in the appropriate grade to be considered for eligibility. It is not a big issue you can get this just by going to the nearest chapter and pay 20~30 Rs. So don’t worry about this. If you are in Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Nagpur you can easily go there and get a membership. You can ask some friends to help you for this, if you live in other cities.

For Detail: Institution of Engineers (India) M.Tech distance program

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