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    1. Electromagnetics Hayt and buck

      Integrated_Electronics_Millman.pdf – 6 MB

      Fundamentals of Microelectronics Razavi

    1. As far as i know +2 and high school doesnt matter for admission to Mtech. A minimum Btech percentage of 60 and 65 % for some institutes is enough with a good GATE score. But having 60-65 would be more than enough in +2 if they have any such cut offs

    1. Mtech is not needed provided if you are from a good college or if you could crack offcampus interviews!!
      Else You have to go for Mtech..getting an admission in Mtech doesnt assure you a job..and also college in which you join,how you study or how you present yourself will matter a lot!! dont just go for Mtech to get a job..its not just a degree you need!!gain some knowlegde..thats the purpose of any course you do!!

    1. dude ur statements are contradictory…Yes its true that Packeges for Btech students are higher than Mtech guys…one more thing to note is that some 5 to 6 srudents in Btech get highest package but not all!!! same is the case with Mtech!! also there are ppl in both Btech and Mtech who dont get placed or ll get placed in small companies like TCS!! so how u study..knowledge u gain…and ur Cgpa and.. how u present urself matters!!!So study hard…u dont have to search for jobs..they’ll search you!!!

    1. There is a slight ambiguity in the above post. There are two IIA’s viz., Indian Institute of Architects and Indian Institute of Astrophysics.

      Indian Institute of Astrophysics is conducting Screening Test (IIAST) for admission into Integrated Mtech & Phd. Those with GATE percentile above 96 are exempted from screening test.

      Even CSIR is considering GATE score but it is not mandatory.It wud be an added advantage if we have a valid GATE score (for CSIR)!!

    1. Integrated Electronics Millman and halkias

      MicroElectronics by Razavi

    1. ElectroMagnetics by Hayt and Buck…!!

      Link below:

      Will Manage to post atleast 1 or 2 books in a week!!!

    1. Hi bhandari,
      Please tell me one or two books uploading all of them will take time… as of now i dont have a good internet connection…by the 2nd week of next month i’d be able to upload most of the books and post links here…for now tell me books which u need urgently…

    1. thanks buddy!! that would be really helpful..!! i know the how the pattern varies but was lazy enough to collect the data…you’ve done a great job collecting this data!!! Keep updating and thanks mate!!

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 20 total)