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    1. P = W * T (W = 2 * pi * f) f=freq, T = torque

      as field = 0, and as its inversely proportional to speed, speed becomes infinite.

      Hence T = P/(infinite),
      Torque becomes zero and motor comes to an eventual stop. As there is not field generated hence no Back Emf.

      NOT SURE ABOUT THE ANSWER’S Correctness…I’m good at A/C machines lost complete touch with DC…Please correct me if i’m wrong

    1. Depends on your confidence level and interest…if you are interested in electronics and only want to pursue your career in it then you can drop the offer and prepare for GATE next year…With your rank you dont get good better donot take admission with your score..

      if you are confident enough to get through GATE while doing job then you can join TCS and prepare..but you dont get sufficient time to prepare when you wok…

      if you are not much interested in electronics then also u can join TCS and Go for MBA…

      But before joining think twice coz you gotta sign a bond for two years..and also once you get into it you should not later think why dint i go for electronics…and also quitting job after 1 year is also not advisable…2 years is minimum experience somebody should have!!

      so many ways dude…depends on the career you want to choose…

      GOOD LUCK mate!!Cheers!!and all the best!!!!!

    1. Protection and switchgear by Bakshi & Bakshi

    1. Mathematics – Kreyszig
      Mathematics – male storm
      Electrical Machines – fitzgerald
      Electrical Machines – vk mehta
      Electrical Machines – chapman
      Elements of powersystem – stevenson
      power systems – vk mehta
      circuit analysis – hayt and kemmerly
      Microelectronics – razavi
      Microelectronics – sedra and smith
      electronics – milman and halkias
      electronics – boylsted
      electronics – sergio franco
      power electronics – rashid
      signals nd systems – openheim
      electro magnetics – hayt
      digital electronics – morris mano
      communication engg – lathi

      These are the standard books i’ve. you can request books you want. i’ll upload them if possible since some are 300 MB!!!

    1. Hi ppl just let me know the way in which i can share those books here…

    1. I’ve so many ebooks for Electrical and electronics engineering. Mostly standard books. almost on all topics as i myself had prepared for gate. Controls systems,power systems,networks,electronics etc.,

      If any one want you can ask i’ll create a torrent and share the torrent link here or i’ll upload them in a file sharing site and post links here… just drop a mail to me. or drop a mail id so that i can contact you or send torrent files..!!i’ll post the list of books i’ve very soon based on the category they belong to..somebody shared i’ve collected and want to share so that somebody else collects 😛

    1. Hi,

      Sanjana it’s good institution indeed. IES made easy and ACE are two of those i heard about. I too have a similar situation, quitting job very soon. in a dilemma to choose between these two institutions!

    1. Hi what happened to your BHEL ? could you apply? if not how did u resolve the issue?it would be useful for everyone!

    1. Hi sarika cut offs for PSUs are not announced yet. Even though they are shortlisting based on GATE score they are not disclosing it! but BARC alone is disclosing its cut off marks. Please find the official link below:

      Previous year ppl who got below 500 rank were shortlisted for interview. Usually those who gets a rank between 1-400 can definitely expect an interview call from any of these PSUs. DO get back if you have any doubts. CHEERS!!

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