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    1. @Chulbul Pandey: What was your marks at score of 667? And, what is your barnch?

    1. I was planning to be a topper this year, but at the last few moments some terrible things happen.. so, NITs will be like a god’s gift to me. 🙂

    1. @Lorin: Sorry for misinterpreting your statement.
      And thanks for the motivation 🙂 . Are there good chances to get into NIT Warangal/Trichy/Suratkal/Calicut with 50+ marks???

    1. last year’s score suggests u can have a rank around 2500. But, I don’t have much idea on the cut-offs of NITs. There are good chances. But, let the results be out. Have patience till 15th March (because, predictions are predictions only).

    1. @Lorin Ahmed Khan: u r lucky to have a score like (68-72). I m expecting a score around 52 (last years’s rank: around 1400). I don’t know where I’ll get the admission. Hoping to get admission into a good NIT at-least.

    1. @Lorin Ahmed Khan: I don’t know much on the gate admissions. But, according to last year rankings 72 marks candidate got the rank: 63. And, 69 marks candidate got the rank 110. So, u can be sure about getting into IIT. *I am saying this based upon 2011 rankings. 🙂
      So, u can apply only into IITs. And, about the money: if u will have a rank around 100, many banks will be there to take care of your admissions. All d best.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)