1. Vinay


        There is very serious confusion between me, my friend and several other students regarding GATE 2014.

        We have got VLSI and communication in IIIT Allahabad, but sir we both are willing to go to GATE preparation for one more year.

        There are many rumors that the pattern of GATE 2014 is going to change.

        The problems are that

        Is GATE 2013 Score will also be accepted by IITs, NITs and [other govt. or private universities] next year or not, if the pattern is changed?

        2nd thing what kind of serious changes they are going to make?

        3rd We are only worried about whether they are going to make it subjective or not, because we both have very poor handwriting…

        This year IIT Roorkee have posted different cutoff for 2012 and 2013 GATE candidates.

        Please post about it or reply to this message as soon as possible sir because we have to cancel the admission as early as possible after deciding whether we drop for one more year or not…

        We are really thankful to you for your continuous support.

      1. Hi Vinay,

        Congratulations for getting into IIIT A. 🙂

        GATE 2013 score will be accepted next year also, thats y they have given a score valid from 2014 March to 2015 March.

        2nd No official announcements have been made till date about the changes yet, and even if there are changes, it is likely to be a GATE prelims n mains.

        3rd Personally I dont think it will become subjective and even if it does never so soon.Lakhs of people write GATE, so it may not be practical to have subjective paper, ryt?

        Now decide yourself 🙂
        Best wishes.

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