1. Dear Zahid Sir,

        I have been following this forum since a long time. I also appreciate your work very much. I think this the best reference material for a student who has a dream of IIT or even IISc. I want to know from you sir which IITs / IISc better in which area of computer science by which one can choose the institutes. The areas are listed in below.

        1) Artificial Intelligence

        2) Machine Learning

        3) Data Mining, Database Managements, Data Warehousing

        4) Knowledge Engineering

        5) Computer Networking

        6) Compiler Designing

        7) NLP

        8) Computer Vision

        9) Parallel Processing

        10)Algorithms, Theoretical aspects of Computer Science

        11) Real Time OS & Systems

        Thanking you,





      1. Me too have same question Mr.Zahid

      1. Gate Cse

        Hello friends for this question plz check this post here http://evenicanwriteblogs.blogspot.in/2010/05/areas-of-research-computer-science-in.html

        for above 1 to 7 IIT B is very good , check their faculty profile with research areas . Vision is very good at IITD. And for rest IITD,IIK very good and other IITs also but less prof working there.

      1. Gate Cse

        students can also check different research areas in IIT ,here http://gate0000.wordpress.com/

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