1. Hi,

        I am Satyajit Bhadange. I have 2 years of work experience. I have given Gate – 2012 and my score is 8448. I belong to SC Category. I am hoping to get VJTI – Mumbai this year. My ultimate aim is to get PhD in Computer Science.

        Now i understand that getting admission for PhD itself is not easy task and completion needs lot of dedication and interest.

        After 2 years from now, i might be applying for PhD Programs here in India or Abroad. Before that i want some guidance from few experts, PhD’s on how to prepare for admission process/interview. What are the other communities, from where i can get some valuable information.

      1. Typo in above post…MY rank is 8448 and Gate Score 420

      1. Zahid

        Please ask this question in PhD forum.

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