1. Naveen Kumar

        what does score 0 means

      1. Zahid

        As I mentioned already on tools. A 0 score means either the information is not available or no one took admission in that particular course for that particular admission condition.

        Admission conditions include category, batch degrees and course type like sponsored or not sponsored.

      1. Aravind Bobbili

        Sir the ccmt nsr 2019 cutoff are not matching with cutoff in your website please update

      1. Thanks Arvind. Updating it.

      1. J B

        Sir, from where can I get the 2019 nsr cut offs that were posted earlier in your website before the update?

      1. We did not add NSR round because its changes a lot year to year without giving good admission information. I will discuss with the team to add it from this year.

      1. Fil Carry

        thank you

      1. philippe patek

        Mi piace e lo cerco da molto tempo. Se vuoi ascoltare musica, vai qui suonerie gratis

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