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      1. Ratiranjan

        Many MTech in EC students (like me) will be benefited through these discussions.I am not doing my MTech in any central premier institutes (like IITs & IIITs) but in a state run govt. engg. college.
        Students like me have a strong wish to enter those premier institutes which we were failed during MTech admissions, and which can only be possible through Doctoral course.

        Specially VLSI(my MTech specialization) is an emerging scope for future R&D and industry. Hence lets try for it.

        All are most welcome for the valuable discussion here(as InI is the best platform for this) and also please give us ur valuable suggestions to students like me.

      1. Zahid

        I really quite didnt get your question?
        I think yes get into to PhD in IITs is a great idea if you have guts to beatup the best 🙂 because there you have to do a lot on your own without anyones help.
        Dont expect too much from profs. just be prepared for all.

      1. Banu

        i need your help to do research in VLSI, please any one guide me sir… i’m doing M.E in VLSI….. PLEASE HELP ME SIR… MY MOBILE NUMBER : 09566789695
        E-MAIL ID: [email protected]

      1. Banu

        where i can do my Ph.D sir,
        what’s the procedure sir..

      1. i was also eagerly waiting for phd admission in BEST univ/iit’s ….in the domain of VLSI

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