1. Biswanath

        gate score:673
        what kind of stream could i get in IIT bombay and delhi???????

      1. Hari

        I am told by most of my friends that I wont get admission in IITs as TA with my AIR 220 (EE)… Gate score(711-old, 817-new). Need expert opinion.. Do I have any chance in IITs(B,M,D) or IISc… Help me please.. really depressed. 🙁

      1. Vivek

        @hari you have a good rank and enough score to get into into IIT. dont get depressed just apply to all IITs , you are definitely going to get a call from IITs

      1. Atul

        All India Rank (AIR): 25540
        score: 257
        category: SC
        Stream: Mechanical Engineering
        are there any chances of gettings into lower iits or nits???

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