1. I m preparing for GATE 2014 (mechanical branch). As already stated by IIT KGP tender notice published on 12 June 2013, some branches will have multiple sessions .

        Does that will affect the paper difficulty level in anyways and the weightage of subjects will vary in both session papers. i would like to put an example to clarify my question:

        If a student is good in thermodynamics(THERMO) and weak in strength of materials(STM) subject and in the 1st session of the paper questions come from STM part more than Thermo then it will quite difficult for a person to attempt the same and similarly other subjects will be affected.

        and in the 2nd session a student who is very good in Thermo and same topic questions are asked   the student will score more marks as compared to the student appearing in 1st session.

        My point is that there is a uncertainity in the difficulty and weightage variations of the subjects coming in both the sessions.

        so please clarify the same.


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