1. Hi there everyone

        I am preparing for GATE 2014(CSE). However, there is a small problem. I am working in a pvt company. Some people might know how it is like working in a pvt. company. You have to work till late and reach office early. That leaves very little time to study. I somehow manage my time and study as much as I can, especially on Sat and Sun. Till now I have just finished Linear algebra(almost done), Digital(half). With 6 months to go I am feeling really scared. . I cannot quit the job because then I would become a burden for my family. On the other hand I really want to get into the research field. I don’t want to make this long and boring. Can you please advise me on how to study and important subjects to study.I will be forever grateful for your help. Thanks in advance.

      1. Mohd Danish

        Hi There ,

        I too have the same story. Some how managing time to prepare for GATE 2014 .

        After a long time I am back to study so often mind gets diverted and dont get much interest in study. Can somebody share some tips to utilise time as much as possible . And how to develope more interest on study and how to study to secure good rank.


      1. Zahid

        You can refer to the post and video that would definitely help.

        GATE Preparation With Job Or Daily College

      1. Hai,
        I’m btech electronics and communications graduate with 84%. I have been working in it industry since 1.5 years. I appeared for gate ece in 2013 and got 4000 AIR. Now I want to do masters in iits to increase my market. I’m confused regarding gate preparation whether to do in CSE or ECE. Please suggest me which is better having 1.5 years of it experience.


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