1. Consider the following question
        show whether the following grammar is LL(1) or not
        E –> TE/+TE/e
        F –> FT/*FT/e
        F –> (E)/id

        where is is epsilon
        that ques was in our university exam.
        i think the ques was wrong
        because there is “T” in second production left side in the place of “F”.
        and “T” production are also not given.
        so we cannot find its FIRST.
        rpl me is the ques is correct without any modification or cannot be solved
        We will get bonus marks if it is a printing mistake

      1. this may be a typo


        please read this http://www.cs.uky.edu/~lewis/texts/theory/languages/cfl-prop.pdf

        here we can just remove T and can parse so that we can find first() and follow()

      1. Abhishek Vijayvargia :
        there are following two possibilities

        there is some printing mistake
        in the 2nd production rule
        there should be T instead of F
        means it should be like these

        2)and if it is not the case then T becomes useless symbol n entire grammer becomes


        and first(E)= e
        and grammer is LL(1)

        but most probably i think it may b the 1st case bcoz I am not sure about 2nd case bcoz in 2nd case there is no terminal symbol and grammer itself becomes useless

      1. we can consider that the grammar creats empty language

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