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Delhi CET Syllabus 2024 (Polytechnic) Syllabus Pdf and Exam Pattern

Delhi CET Syllabus 2024 – Candidates must know the complete syllabus before applying to Delhi CET 2024. Department of Training and Technical Education (DTTE) conducts the Delhi CET exam for admission to diploma in engineering courses. Candidates seeking polytechnic admission in engineering courses are required to apply for the Delhi CET 2024 exam.

CET Delhi is an offline mode Pen Paper-based Test. The candidates have to select one out of five Tests. CET Delhi Exam Pattern consists of 150 questions and the duration of the exam is 150 minutes. Each correct answer is awarded 4 marks and 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer marked by the candidate. Delhi CET Syllabus consists of chemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Biology, English, Current Affairs, and General Aptitude.

Delhi CET Syllabus 2024 and Exam Pattern

General ChemistryRelations and FunctionsMathematical MethodsEmbryology of angiosperms
Structure of AtomLogarithmsClassical MechanicsPlant Physiology
ElectrochemistryComplex NumbersRelativityBiochemistry
PeriodicityQuadratic EquationsAtomicPlant growth and growth hormones
Solid StateSequences and SeriesMolecular PhysicsEcology
SolutionsTrigonometryCondensed Matter PhysicsPteridophyte
Classification of ElementsCartesian System of Rectangular CoordinatesThermodynamicsGymnosperm
Molecular StructureStraight LinesStatistical MechanicsMorphology of Angiosperm
Chemical BondingCirclesNuclear and Particle PhysicsAnatomy
Surface ChemistryConic SectionsQuantum Theory and its ApplicationsAlgae, Fungi
Redox ReactionsPermutations and CombinationsElectromagnetic TheoryPlant Diseases
Chemical KineticsVectorsElectronicsViruses
States of MatterExponential and Logarithmic SeriesExperimental PhysicsBacteria
EquilibriumSets and Set Theory_Bryophytes
ThermodynamicsStatistics_Plant Succession
Processes of Isolation of ElementsDifferentiation_Environmental Pollution
Coordination CompoundsIntroduction to Three Dimensional Geometry_Cell Biology
P, D, F Block ElementsProbability Function__
HydrogenLimits and Continuity__
D Block ElementsApplications of Derivatives__
Alkali and Alkaline earth metals (S Block)Indefinite Integrals Binomial Theorem__
HaloalkanesDefinite Integrals__
EnglishCurrent AffairsGeneral Aptitude
Idioms and PhrasesEconomyProbability
Sentence ImprovementBankingTime and Distance
SynonymsAwardsQuadratic Equations
Sentence ArrangementSportsOdd Man Out
SubstitutionCurrent EventsRaces and Games
PrepositionsLogical AbilityNumbers and Ages
AntonymsNon-Verbal SeriesAverages
Fill in the blanksBlood RelationsMensuration
Passage CompletionMirror ImagesProfit and Loss
Spotting ErrorsInternational AffairsProblems on Numbers
SubstitutionDirectionsPipes and Cisterns
SentenceClocks & CalendarsIndices and Surds
Active and Passive VoiceArithmetical ReasoningSimple Equations
CompletionEmbedded FiguresPermutations and Combinations
Spelling TestCoding-DecodingCompound Interest
Error Correction (Underlined Part)AnalogyBoats and Streams
Transformation_Simplification and Approximation
Para Completion_Mixtures and Allegations
Joining Sentences_Simple Interest
Error Correction (Phrase in Bold)_Problems on LCM and HCF
__Time and Work Partnership
__Problems on Trains
__Ratio and Proportion

Delhi CET Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2024

Test 1: (Objective Type Questions) – All 10th-based Diploma Courses. (Engineering / Non-Engineering)

Delhi CET syllabus for diploma courses as per CBSE syllabus for class IX Exam held and CBSE syllabus for class X exam in 2024.

SubjectsNumber of Questions

Test 2: (Objective Type Questions) – Modern Office Practice English/Hindi (12th based)

Delhi CET syllabus for Modern Office Practice English/Hindi Comprehension of English/Hindi including Grammar of class XII level, Knowledge of Current Affairs, and Logical & Analytical Ability.

SubjectsNumber of Questions
English/Hindi Comprehension60
Current Affairs45
Logical & Analytical Ability45

Test 3: (Objective Type Questions) – Pharmacy (12th based)

Delhi CET syllabus Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics or Biology Questions as per CBSE syllabus for class XI Exam held in and CBSE syllabus for Class XII Exam held in 2024.

SubjectsNumber of Questions

Test 4: For LE admission of 10+2 Vocational Engineering Stream pass-outs / ITI pass-outs against 10% supernumerary seats in analogous disciplines of engineering, technology & other diploma courses.

Delhi CET syllabus Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biology, English as per CBSE syllabus for class X Exam held in 2024) General Aptitude – (15 Marks)

SubjectsNumber of Questions
General Aptitude15

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