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Non GATE M.Tech Admissions 2017

Non GATE M.Tech Admissions 2017 covers almost all non GATE or without GATE M.Tech admissions and alternative exams to GATE. Most of the student don’t get satisfied with their level of knowledge in B.Tech and feel it’s important for them to go Master degree (M.Tech) as a necessary way to go ahead in life. Usually it’s hard to crack GATE and get into IITs or NITs.

The good news is not all institutes ask for GATE scores for M.Tech admissions. There are few very good institutes with great faculty and placements admit students based on their own exams. Some of them give a weight to GATE but also give a significant importance to their own exam. Join All About M.Tech Admissions facebook group for all M.Tech 2017 related discussions and know more about it.

There are few institutes admit students on their own admission procedure that include a screen exam followed by an interview. But scholarship is given based on GATE qualification. Below are the list of institutions offering M.Tech without gate in 2017 based on their own test (they may have some kind of preference for GATE qualified candidates).

Institutes offering M.Tech Admissions 2017 without GATE

IIIT M.Tech Admissions 2017
Central University M.Tech Admissions 2017
Good Universities other than IITs and NITs M.Tech Admissions 2017
Alternative Exams to GATE for M.Tech Admissions 2017
M.Tech Admissions in Deemed Universities 2017 (please refer to official websites of these univs for more information)

For M.Tech admission in state colleges you need to write that state PG test. There are few sponsored seats in few colleges where you can approach them directly and ask for admission procedure. You can also call them to find more information.

Usually Non GATE M.Tech admissions 2017 will start in the month of April. We already have notification available and we have updated them, please refer to the above links. I hope this helped you in knowing all possible ways to get into M.Tech without GATE. Please refer to M.Tech admissions 2017 for all updates.

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  1. Vishal Bhankhodiya

    I want to do non gate exam but I have no exact details of this plz help ?

  2. Rahul Pawar

    Currently in 2017 which university offering Mtech for non gate mechanical engg students?

  3. Hemant

    Hello Sir, I got 572 in gate 2017 and my rank is 2323 with obc category in CS paper. can I have chace to get any IIT?

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