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IIT Guwahati GATE cutoff 2017

IIT Guwahati GATE cutoff 2017 gives details of cutoffs at IIT Guwahati for very course offered by different departments. All department and categorywise IIT Guwahati GATE cutoffs are available at IIT Guwahati M.Tech Cutoffs. These are last score admitted to each course admitted to IIT Guwahati for M.Tech instead of eligible cutoffs. Eligible cutoffs mean student eligible to apply for certain course at IITG during 2017.

For All other iit gate cutoff data since 2013 do check IIT GATE cutoff tools.

IIT GATE cutoff tool

IIT Guwahati GATE 2017 cutoffs are as follows

Computer Science and EngineeringComputer and Engineering770660528
Electronics and E lectrical EngineeringVLSI642606375359
Electronics and E lectrical EngineeringSignal Processing466
Electronics and E lectrical EngineeringCommunicatio Engineering411339
Electronics and E lectrical EngineeringPower and Control624524554
Mechanical EngineeringMachine Design754719511483
Mechanical EngineeringFluids and Thermal Engineering730693440377
Mechanical EngineeringComputer Assisted Manufacturing687596408338
Mechanical EngineeringComputational Mechanics701581261
Mechanical EngineeringAerodynamics and Propulsion701550366306
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering713545389484
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical Engineering627358448592
Civil EngineeringTransportation639469370334
Civil EngineeringWater Resources Engineering590378333370
Civil EngineeringInfrastructure Engineering and Management627541372285
Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering645358364472
Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering510407386
Chemical EngineeringPetroleum Science and Technology474375234315
Chemical EngineeringMaterial Science and Technology302
Rural TechnologyRural Technology648555451

This is part of All IIT GATE cutoffs 2017 do check it for all IITs updates. For M.Tech seats in all IITs do refer to M.Tech seats in all IITs for 2017.

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