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IIT Delhi GATE cutoff 2017

IIT Delhi GATE cutoff 2017 gives details of cutoffs at IIT Delhi for very course offered by different departments. These are last score admitted to each course admitted to IIT Delhi for M.Tech instead of eligible cutoffs. Eligible cutoffs mean student eligible to apply for certain course at IITD during 2017. For IIT Delhi GATE cutoffs from 2013 to 2020 do visit IIT Delhi M.Tech cutoffs.

For All other iit gate cutoff data since 2013 do check IIT GATE cutoff tools.

IIT GATE cutoff tool

IIT Delhi GATE 2017 cutoffs are as follows

Applied MechanicsEngineering Mechanics650630425425
Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering (MSc. Biotech)570520470470
Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering (B.Tech Biotech)570520470470
Biomedical EngineeringBiomedical Engineering (B.Tech other than Biotech)500450400400
Applied Research in ElectronicsRadio Frequency Design and Technology645598362362
Atmospheric ScienceAtmospheric Oceanic Science Technology500500400400
Chemical EngineeringChemical Energy670630535445
Chemical EngineeringChemical Energy (Interview)540450375300
Civil EngineeringConstruction Engineering and Managment833792556439
Civil EngineeringEnvironmental Engineering and Managment735720560560
Civil EngineeringRock Engineering and Underground Structure408408264272
Civil EngineeringGeotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering788750634634
Civil EngineeringStructural Engineering848785632552
Civil EngineeringWater Resources Engineering725660520480
Civil EngineeringTransportation Engineering738670490490
Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Sc and Engineering900900900900
Computer Science and EngineeringComputer Sc and Engineering (Interview)820735600600
Electrical EngineeringCommunication Engineering780710530450
Electrical EngineeringComputer Technology745670505430
Electrical EngineeringControl and Automattion760690550500
Electrical EngineeringIntegrated Electronics and Circuits830750620450
Electrical EngineeringPower Electronics785725550490
Mechanical EngineeringMechanical Design725650500300
Mechanical EngineeringIndustrial Engineering725650500300
Mechanical EngineeringProduction Engineering725650500300
Mechanical EngineeringThermal Engineering725650500300
PhysicsApplied Optics350315235235
PhysicsSolid State Materials400360260260
Textile TechnologyTextile Engineering (B.Tech Textile)400360266266
Textile TechnologyTextile Engineering (MSc Textile)550495366366
Textile TechnologyFibre Science and Tech (B.Tech Textile)400360266266
Textile TechnologyFibre Science and Tech (MSc Textile)550405366366
Textile TechnologyTextile Chemical Processing (B.Tech Textile)400360266266
Textile TechnologyTextile Chemical Processing (MSc Textile)550495366366
Centre for Energy StudiesEnergy Science750675480480
Machine Dynamics and Maintenance Engineering CentreIndustrial Tribology and Maintenance Engineering695625500425
Instrument Design Development CentreInstrument Technology650600400400
Electrical EngineeringOptoelectronics and Optical Communication680610450350
Centre for Polymer Science and EngineeringPolymer Science and Tech350315235235
Bharti School of Telecommunication Technology and ManagementTelecom Technolgy and Management700660520350
VLSI Tool Design & TechnologyVLSI Tool Design & Technology800750750750

This is part of All IIT GATE cutoffs 2017 do check it for all IITs updates. For M.Tech seats in all IITs do refer to M.Tech seats in all IITs for 2017.

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