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IIIT Allahabad M.Tech Cutoff

IIIT Allahabad M.Tech Cutoff or GATE cutoff is a collection of department wise last GATE scores admitted in various M.Tech programs at IIIT Allahabad. We are collecting GATE or CCMT cutoff information for IIIT Allahabad since 2014 from official sources. We combined all IIIT cutoff data for the specific department at NIT & IIIT GATE College Predictor free for students.

Every year, after the final round of CCMT(Centralized Counselling for M.Tech and other courses) we collect the cutoffs. The idea of a common platform for M.Tech in IIITs started in 2014. This was to avoid students delaying admission while waiting for other opportunities. This usually results is many vacant seats.

We also all compile IIT GATE cutoff data for students, do refer to IIT GATE College Predictor & Cutoff for more details. At the same time, we are collecting GATE statistics to make the GATE score calculator, which converts GATE marks to scores for various years.

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To check IIIT Allahabad M.Tech Cutoffs since CCMT started in 2014, select a branch and category. Initially, cutoffs of the general category are shown, and CS GATE paper. However, users can choose the category and gate paper (ME, EE, EC, CE, and others) of their choice to explore GATE cutoff for IIIT Allahabad .

IIIT Allahabad M.Tech Cutoff from 2014

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Cutoffs for M.Tech Admissions Since 2012~2020 will be shown here.

IIIT Allahabad offers many interdisciplinary courses in different departments. For these courses, students from different departments are eligible. We took note of this and compiled IIIT M.Tech cutoff data for all eligible programs.

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