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GATE 2019 Highest Marks or Top Marks

GATE 2019 top or highest marks are available from official organizing institute and will give you an idea where you stand in GATE preparation and help you in admission planning. Preparing for GATE is a challenging task and with the increased competition it becomes immensely important to know previous year’s stats about GATE exam. This is along with Minimum or Qualifying Marks in GATE 2019 and Number of students appeared in GATE 2019 will give a complete idea about the competition.

Top marks in GATE 2019 gives students confidence that even if they are able to score 100 marks they still have the chance to be top student in All India Ranking. This information gives us an all resources to make an online GATE score calculator for many years. This helps in finding where one can get admission after GATE exam.

GATE Score Calculator

The online GATE score calculator and GATE cutoff tool are important tools for someone preparing for GATE. It helps them to evaluate their performance time to time and check where stand and how much effort they need to put on to get into desired institutions for higher education. This is a part of GATE 2017 preparation guide.

We also made sure to collect IIT GATE cutoffs and NIT (CCMT) GATE cutoffs for last 7 years. Do refer to IIT GATE Cutoffs and CCMT GATE Cutoffs to see where you stand.

Top Marks for different fields for GATE 2019 are as follows

Paper Code Paper Top Marks
AE Aerospace Engineering 79
AG Agricultural Engineering 64
AR Architecture and Planning 83.33
BT Biotechnology 80
CE Civil Engineering 87.72
CH Chemical Engineering 80.67
CS Computer Science and Information Technology 88.67
CY Chemistry 82.67
EC Electronics and Communication Engineering 89
EE Electrical Engineering 97.33
EY Ecology and Evolution 79.33
GG Geology and Geophysics 80.67
IN Instrumentation Engineering 83
MA Mathematics 63
ME Mechanical Engineering 94.75
MN Mining Engineering 71.33
MT Metallurgical Engineering 84.67
PE Petroleum Engineering 84.67
PH Physics 66.67
PI Production and Industrial Engineering 78
ST Statistics 79.67
TF Textile Engineering and Fibre Science 78
XE Engineering Sciences 73.67
XL Life Sciences 82.67

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