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    1. Hello everyone,
      Please refer to the site below for the good maths stuff on Calculus and Differential Equations. Download Cheat sheets. Hopefully they would be helpful in remembering important conversions, forumulae and tables.

      Good luck.

    1. @arjun: it’ll be good to start with independent topics like merchant circle and then if time permits, go for large theory and complex subjects like phase diagrams.
      in mfg portion, Quantitative Techniques in Management(OR) is very precise. you could cover half portion of this section(OR-Production Planning-Inventory Management) by any book of Operations Research

    1. There are 32 subjects including XE and XL. What is it a huge number??

    1. hey biswa,
      i understand excluding 3rd year is hard hit. anyways in 2010 there were 60000 candidates n in 2011 there were 80000. knowing about server jam n all we could expect somewhere above 125000 this time.

    1. Hey rahuldude
      check out NPTEL at
      Hope you can find your stuff…

    1. Hey everyone,
      Thermodynamics seems to be important subject for GATE.
      Can anyone suggest a good book for that? share ebook if anyone can.

      All the best for GATE ’12 guys.

    1. Yes. The above link works. They’ve mentioned to check the site after 1st November for list of defective applications
      Be patient….

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)