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    1. How is ur job?
      may i know abt urself

    1. Hi……
      how is ur preparation going on……?
      how would be the paper this year?any guesses…
      what are the subjects that need to be stressed?

    1. Thanks for your reply….
      May i know what are u doing now?

    1. Hai Sir…
      I am preparing daily.But i know that this much preparation is not enough.I have to dedicate more hours for this.I know the importance of this exam….but i am really very much worrying that i am not upto the mark…give a suggestion for doing more practice daily and to learn the subject effectively.please sir

    1. r u online now

    1. thank you

    1. it will be a great help for me

    1. may be both.someone told me that brilliant tutorial materials are really good…daily how are you preparing..?and i am really very weak in analog electronics……if u guide me through…it wiil a great help for me…
      thank you

    1. Sir..!
      how are you preparing?

    1. Actually I don’t have a facebook account earlier.I have created one for this purpose only

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 11 total)