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    1. @all,do u guys know anything about the rank reqd in general to get into iit’s for some of popular courses like thermal etc….

    1. @dinesh,thanks a lot,man.How do you even get these sort of links,they are very good.
      So,again,thanks a lot.

    1. links for casting and metal forming would be really helpful.

    1. @dinesh,do u have some good links like the one you gave for forging?The forging link was really good.

    1. @chetan,i dont have the keys but i think your logic is correct.Thank you…….

    1. @chetan,thanx a lot.

    1. @all,i am finding convection part of heat transfer difficult bcos of various formulae for various conditions.Any suggestions??

    1. @chetan,sorry for not describing it right.Basically its best explained with the help of figure…Its from mechanics section of gate ’05(mech).Its like an elevator and counterbalance system.The two weights are freely suspended over a pulley by means of an inextensible string.One mass is moving up with velocity ‘v’ so naturally the other is going down with ‘v’.Sorry for replying late.

    1. There are two objects of mass ‘m’ connected over a frictionless pulley and are moving with velocity ‘v’.Inertia of pulley and friction is neglected.It is desired that the arrangement shd hv a max stopping time of ‘t’ from peak speed of ‘v’.What shd b the minimum power of the motor?(GATE 05 Mechanics question)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)