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    1. @ Lorin Ahmed Khan : Hearty Congratulations Sister. Only 53 remained unbeaten by you 🙂 wish you great future ahead but don’t forget InI forum and help juniors.

    1. I like to give ALL THE BEST LUCK to all Mechanical Engineers who are seeking GATE-2012 🙂

      Don’t get confused just try to follow your plan.

    1. I had applied for BHEL, 4 days before & everything works fine!!!! Make sure you are writing full Registration No. including your discipline.
      (e.g. Type ME1234567 instead of 1234567)
      Also do not give space bar in between your discipline & the seven digit number.
      (e.g. type ME1234567 & not ME 1234567).
      Try this out first…
      You can mail or contact to BHEL authority if the problem still persist.

    1. @Dinesh, If you feels that the problems given in reference books(PN Rao, Grover’s) are not enough in anyway then you can collect some practice problems from some recognized institute’s NOTES like GATE-Forum, TARGate, Ace Academy from say your friends or teachers for the topics you have mentioned.


    1. @Ritesh, there are many more very good NPTEL videos to clear our concepts but unfortunately as now we don’t have that much time. May be after exam we could watch them!!!

    1. @Ritesh, thanks for sharing this :))

    1. Two major changes in GATE 2012 after online application:

      A) Sending Admit cards by post has been discontinued:
      That means we can only download the Admit card after 5Jan2012(date may alter). I think this is really good move.
      Also we have to bring our ID proof at the time of exam. Details of ID proofs are given on zonal websites.

      B) The use of pencils to darken the bubbles in the answer sheet has been discontinued:
      Pencils becomes more irritating sometimes to sharpen them again & again. But at the same time we will get only one chance to darken the bubble. We need to be more careful before darkening the bubbles.

      Check out FAQ’s for GATE 2011 on:

    1. @Dinesh:
      I will solve from these sources:
      1. Manufacturing Technology by PN Rao
      2. Fundamentals Modern Manufacturing by Groover
      3. Previous years GATE QPs

      About the two books:
      Both books have various problems but most of them are unsolved (you can find practice problems after the chapter ends!)
      Groover has some quality question with good theory explanation & some Multiple Choice Questions also.

      You can search for some tutorials given on Internet(I hope they are!!!).

    1. @Dinesh,
      As Ganesh said earlier, the link provided by you is really excellent!!!!
      Thanks for sharing it with us bro …

    1. @Dinesh, Sorry for late in reply 🙁
      If you are talking about problems on casting then I don’t think I have done enough. I am still concentrated more on studying. However I will start practicing problems in coming days (probably after 15th Jan).
      How you are going by the way????

      Now if volume shrinkage is present in metal, then we have to compensate the shrank volume with the riser.
      So try to equate volumes or areas to get the size.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 37 total)